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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, Chloe finally had her first day of Kindergarten, after watching Bria go to school for a week and a half. She was so excited! She knew she had afternoon Kindergarten, which meant going a little later than Bria, but she was still dressed in her cute outfit when we walked Bria to school. When we got home, she ran and got her backpack and was hoping we could leave for her class in 15 minutes. She then wore her backpack for 3 and half hours while we waited for 12:30 to roll around.

When we got there, we walked around the classroom with the teacher and learned the proper order to do things when she gets there every day. She turned in her little paper doll that she got at her testing meeting, which she was supposed to decorate/dress to look like her. (On a side note, I was flabbergasted at how many of these paper dolls were obviously done by parents....complete with fabric or felt outfits, elaborate hair, and pristine coloring. Chloe did hers 100% by herself, and I wouldn't have touched it if she had wanted me to help. I really thought the teacher had said it was an assignment for the child, not the parent.) She put her things in her cubby and then I left her doing a puzzle.

She was happy seeing Sophie and I go, and thrilled to be there.

And yes, I cried.

Here are the pictures we took this morning:

You'll notice she has a shirt just like the green one Bria wore on her first day. She always wants to be just like Bria.

Now I don't know what I'm going to do with myself every afternoon! Sophie will be sleeping and I have all kinds of free time! Too bad I have a lovely pile of laundry that needs folding...I would have hoped I could do something a bit more fun.


  1. LOVE that she wanted to be just like B.
    You deserve a tear, it's a big moment for the both of you.
    Go you. :)

  2. It is so hard when they leave for school for the first time. They are so ready but it is still hard to let them go.
    I can do lunch any Tues or Thurs at 1. Let's do it next week, just let me know which day is best.

  3. What a cutie. Don't worry, I'll be crying next week when it's The Dragon's turn to go to Kindergarten! BOO HOO!

    BTW, have you read The Night Before Kindergarten? It's a most excellent book! And yes, the parents cry. LOL

    Hope she has a great day at school!

  4. She looks so adorable. My oldest started Kindergarten yesterday. So far she loves it too but she goes all day(7hrs.) so she really starts to miss me by the time I pick her up. Enjoy the free time. I love her outfit and backpack. SO Cute:)

  5. OK-I'm tearing up reading this (must be the hormones). She looks so adorable & I love her hair like that. Wow-all day with one child! Must be time for another, right? (he he)

  6. So cute! I love that she is so excited for school. And hate that so many parents do their kids' homework for them.

  7. I'm so glad she finally got to go (what's the deal with having them start later?). She looks adorable! Did you take a picture of the paper doll?

  8. Oh man, I'm not even her mom and that first picture has me almost lump-in-my-throat. :) And as for free time? My house is a mess right now because I'm so much more interested in eating chocolate and reading while I have my free hours....still working on that.

  9. Tanner did the same thing with the back pack. Tanner also had to dress up a boy too and I thougt the same thing look at everyones else doll. O Well he had fun!

  10. Girlfriend... you better rest......