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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't boys still have cooties in third grade?

I was just cleaning out my church bag, and I found the notebook that Bria was drawing/writing in during Sacrament meeting this past Sunday.

This is what I found written in the notebook:

In case you can't read it, it says "The boys that I think is asome (awesome): Jake, Damin, Ian."

Also, what is up with the guitar? She's very into "rock" lately, and is, of course heavily influenced by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus even though we don't even get the Disney Channel.

Can somebody please stop time?

She's growing up way too fast.


  1. Let's see -- I've delivered a 12 year old -- that's only 4 years away. :)
    And you're very welcome for that comment.

  2. That's really adorable. I remember my mom finding a list I'd made in my drawer when I was 8, and the title was, "How to Make Boys Like You". :) Among the around 10 things on the list? "Don't wear dresses." and "Be a tomboy."

  3. Wow! That actually is a really good drawing!

  4. very retro. if she could duplicate it in a larger form, I bet it would make a great art piece. :)

    i would like to figure out how to use the time I have, i really dont think stopping it would help me. Auralee is soooo crazy, i cant wait for SOMETHING to change :)

  5. Hehe. I'm not ready for the boy thing yet. Elizabeth (8) has assured me that she doesn't have a crush on anyone yet, but I'm not sure she'd tell me if she did. I remember crushing on boys in PRESCHOOL, so I can't rule it out.

  6. I can totally remember crushes as young as 4 too. Good luck!!

  7. Oh Ellie had a crush last year in Kindy. It's never to young.