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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dusting off the old paper trimmer

And I literally had to dust it off. It's definitely been a while!

Now that school has started, I'd like to get a couple pages done each week. Of course, I still have my insane Halloween sewing project to worry about. (I have started it, don't worry.)

Anyway, here are the two pages I did this week. I figure Bria has twice as many pages as Chloe and Sophie has practically none, so I'm going to focus on getting the younger two a little bit caught up.

Happy Thursday!

PS: If you want to read my thoughts on September 11, as written on this blog in 2005, click here.


  1. Love them both. Keep posting and maybe you can inspire me to keep going! Ainsley has maybe five pages in her book, while Isaac has two for every month of his first two years LOL!

  2. Great job I love them. My brother inlaw works at a scraping book place and he would like to know if you would like to make some money on scrapebooking? E-mail me if you want to.

  3. Way to urge me on. Perahps it's cleaning out toys this week -- and scrapbooking next week.

  4. Super cute pages!!! I think I need to dust mine too:)

  5. Luckily my scrapping stuff is in drawers, so it can't be dusty (otherwise it definitely would be dusty--VERY dusty).

    Cute pages!

  6. Gorgeous pages! If only I was a scrapbooker..sigh.

    I read your 9-11 post too. It was a great reminder for me. THanks.

  7. Beautiful.. Beautiful!!!! as always.. Ü

  8. These are so cute. You do a great job.

  9. Those are so great. I haven't scrapped in 6 months and I'm DYING!