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Monday, September 22, 2008


My blog has been extra boring this past week, due to the craziness of my life. I just read through all the entries of the last several days and thought that I wouldn't ever come back to this blog, except, wait! it's mine and I have to. But my recital is over, no more crazy 2+ hours of rehearsing per day and it should be shaping up to be less crazy this week, unless you count my insane Halloween project. I do have 2/3 of Sophie's Cowardly Lion costume finished, so I unabashedly pat myself on the back for that.

However, I have nothing to say right now. Nada. No funny stories about my precocious children, no wonderful pictures to post, no deep thoughts. I mean, when I resort to posting about an obsession with Box Tops, I'm completely empty, folks.

Since I have mostly totally rearranged my house in the last month or so, I was thinking of giving you a virtual tour? Would you like that? Because, it's either that, or I disappear for several days. And hey, maybe you'd like that better anyway.

Check back tomorrow and you might see my kitchen or my bedroom or a bathroom....or you might just see nothing!



  1. Sometimes life is like that. Just a little break in the insanity. Enjoy the relative calm.

  2. I think right now is generally a boring blog time.
    And that's the way it is.

  3. I wouldn't mind a tour. I can see what I'm missing. ;)

  4. Lara, thanks for the comment and compliment! I have three Erin's who comment on my blog, so I had to figure out which one you came from. :)

    Your girls are beautiful and you are an amazing photographer. That's one skill I really wish I had.

    Anyway, I will be adding you to my Reader and blog stalking you right away!

  5. I would love a virtual tour! And no worries about thinner blog times--we all have them....*ahem*....ME! :)

  6. House pictures are always cool pictures - especially when taken by a good photographer!

    I would love some blog posts about cool things to do in Cedar, although I may be the only one who would be interested in them! I'm still trying to get used to moving to a small town (living in Orem for 5 years spoiled me).

    By the way, I was honestly thinking about what sort of cool things you have done lately - the color/job thing, the handwriting assessment...I was thinking about stealing the ideas for my blog. So you may think you are blah, but I'm loving them!

    Hey, why don't you make a post asking people what they would like you to post about?

  7. Ooh... a virtual tour. Sounds good to me.

    But it's not like I have any ideas. My poor blog has been stagnating!

  8. I wanna see your redecorating! I'm always interested in ideas to what I can do with my own away..I don't think your blog is boring at all!

  9. I'm so boring right now too! I didn't have anything to say for a whole week and I only posted out of guilt. I want to see house pictures!

  10. I'm a faithful reader.... always.

  11. Lara I love reading your blog no matter what it says. I envy your creativeness because I can never decide what to say on mine. So keep it up. But if you feel you need a break, you wouldn't be the first to not post anything for several days or weeks or sometimes months..:) However... I would love a virtual tour! Say Hi to the kids for me. I miss them and you.

  12. oh, well, I have a lot to update from your blog, so no worries, still plenty to read :)! smooches too!