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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Last week, my friend Joyce referenced the movie What's Up, Doc? in one of her blog entries. Just reading it made me want to go rent it, since I haven't seen it in eons and it's definitely one of my favorite movies. Too bad Joyce wrote her blog on a Saturday and our movie night is Friday.

So I waited patiently until Friday rolled around, and when Joel took the girls to the store I told him to get What's Up, Doc? for me. I didn't go with them because I was just plain exhausted, and I didn't really think I'd get around to watching the movie until Saturday night, anyway.

I went to bed to read, and shortly after, Joel and the kids came home. He apologized that he couldn't find the movie and said that the clerk had thought it was too old of a movie for them to carry. (Whatever! It's one of those classic films that all "movie stores" should carry. Harumph.)

I was disappointed, but I'm a big girl and I can deal.

But wait!

Joel sat down on the bed and turned on the TV in our room, and began looking for something to watch. He started flipping through channels and all of the sudden I heard Madeline Kahn's voice saying, "Who is this person?" At first, I thought Joel was tricking me and that he really had found the movie for me. He does that kind of stuff often, so my suspicions were well founded. But then again, it wouldn't make much sense for a DVD not to start at the very beginning, and it couldn't have been a VHS because we don't have a VCR in our bedroom. Then I noticed the KBYU (our local PBS station) logo down at the bottom of the screen and the mystery was solved.

An absolute miracle. In the end I only missed the first 15 minutes or so of the movie, and enjoyed every bit of it thereafter. Commercial free, even! Sure, I was super tired, but I had to take the opportunity while I had it!

Just amazing, though, don't you think? I mean seriously. When does that ever happen to anyone? The stars must have been aligned just right for me.


  1. The Lord loves you Lara! Who is this person!!!!! LOL

  2. I suddenly have the urge to go out and rent the movie! It's been a LONG time since I have seen it.

  3. What's Up Doc is our favorite family movie of all time. Seriously. Howard? Howard Bannister?

  4. "I've always wanted come here on our honeymoon." "I thought you wanted to go to San Francisco on your honeymoon, Eunice." "This is San Francisco, Howard."

    "What are you doing with Howard Bannister's rocks?"

    "Don't you know the meaning of propriety??"

    "Don't hit me, I'm part Italian!!"

    "What happened to all your other clothes Balkister, they burn up?"

    "I'm Hugh, Hugh Simon."

    and my favorite....(at least for this quote fest...)

    "Well, there's not much to see, we're inside a Chinese dragon."

    Ok...so you just need to buy that movie and have it on hand at all times. It's just that good of a movie.

    Resume your day...thanks for the props too...hehehe!

  5. I've never even heard of this movie! But now I know that I need to somehow find it (or pray that KBYU shows it again) and check it out.

  6. I love What's Up Doc!!! I'm so happy that it was on tv for you when you wanted it!

  7. I watched it on KBYU that night too!!! I LOVE that movie... but dh didn't really get it. Too bad for him.

  8. You are pretty-much the luckiest person EVER.

  9. That's funny now if you could do that with other things,like getting some money maybe.
    I wander how that would work?

  10. That's just your reward for being a great person :D But now i must rent this movie because I have never heard of it before.

  11. How fun! I was in WallyWorld the other day and saw a movie in a random location (moved and discarded by some shopper). It was Clue. Love that show--it was only $5 so I splurged!

  12. That is so cool.

    I remember going to see that at the late night movie at BYU (Varsity Theater). I had never even heard of it before but a friend said it was good, so a bunch of us went. The whole theater was just rolling.

  13. Lara, I LOVE that movie!!! Hahahah.....oh, what luck. That's so cool. My sisters and I still do Eunice's voice to each other now and then. Okay, often. Very often. :)

  14. Oh P.S.-I am in love with your new header. So darling, so clever. I was waiting with baited breath for the next.

  15. That's a 60's movie, we saw it before you were born! Madeline Kahn was a hoot, we just cracked up over her whenever we've seen it. What about her wig slipping around? Sooo funny!
    Love, Mom Neves

  16. From Kenton, "Mom, when can we go play with them again?!" You guys heading up this way anytime soon?

    I have never seen that movie.

    And could you please get my stars to align - just for one night?! Pretty please?!

  17. Serendipity! You must have been born under a lucky star.

    LOVE that movie! {Going off to see if I can rent it somewhere}.

  18. WOW! I love it when things like that happen. When something like that happens I truly feel loved, kind of like someone really cares.