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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have gorgeous children and I really like to take pictures of them
(a lot!)

Yesterday evening, I did an impromptu photoshoot with my girls. It was raining all weekend, or I would have done it Saturday. I'd spare you all the commentary and just show you a lot of cute pictures, except, I do have a teensy bit of commentary to say.

1. Bria threw a fit about the smocking on her dress. She really liked it online when I bought it for her, but when she saw the smocking, which I suppose doesn't show up well in a small internet photo, she nearly lost it. Had to talk her down...let her know that smocking is not the end of the world. I also let her wear one of my super cool necklaces. And then she was okay with it.

2. Chloe lost her other front tooth, as you'll see. Totally adorable and I'm pretty certain we'll be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this year.

3. I didn't buy Sophie a hat, sadly. I should have. She wanted one when she saw her sisters wearing theirs, but was happy enough with a black velvet one (that doesn't match) that we already had.

4. I realize the pictures are Bria heavy. I'm trying to choose one to send out with her baptism invitations. Feel free to vote on your favorites.

And here are a lot of cute pictures. And I still haven't gone through all of the ones I actually took! That's what I call a success! (Don't feel obligated to look at all of them....they're mostly for my mom, anyway.)


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  1. I say Bria dressy e 1... I think.
    Man, those dresses really are cute.

  2. Ohhh...too cute. I LOVE the first one of Bria. Her hands under her chin and that innocent smile would be the perfect picture for the invitations.

  3. These are all beautiful pictures! I wish I had a nice camera and a little bit of photog talent so I could take my kids on impromptu photo shoots.

    (P.S. It was nice to meet you!)

  4. Brias dress is super cute. I love smocking. Where did you get the hats? They are so so cute! I want one for Ellie and Sadie.

  5. Smocking! Horrors! ;)

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. I love all of the pictures. I really like the first one of Bria with her smile. I love Chloe's pictures, they are so cute with her missing teeth. My favorite of Sophia is the one of her with a hat on.

  7. I have to say that the picture of Bria with her hands on her hips seems to be a very Bria picture. I have seen her do that many times!

  8. Those are fabulous. They all look so adorable. I wish I lived near by so I could get a few of my kids. I am so done with studio pictures. They are just never very good.

  9. I know thi doesn't help you, but my fav. is the close up of Sophie with the hat. So cute!!!

    Bria looks younger in these photos--something about the hat and no glasses. It's nice to see these sweet sisters together. Today Everett said something like "I love our whole family forever."

  10. OK--the first one of Bria alone is my fav. of her. But I have never met her, so don't know if it best goes with her personality.

  11. Thank you so much for answering the mom questions on my blog. I appreciate all of you thinking this over more than I can say!
    I've noticed a bit of a theme in the answers and can't wait to share more. Soonly :)

    These pics are amazing. I'm so jealous! I want your camera and your talent. The colors are amazing. And so are those girls. :)

  12. My fave of all the photos is the last one of Chloe! She is stinkin' cute!

    My fave of Bria is the one that is 5th from the bottom.

    Great dresses and hats!

  13. I LOVE these. The hats and dresses are adorable. Chloe is a good little poser, isn't she? I can't believe Sophie's getting so big!

    The ARE gorgeous and don't EVER think we don't want to look at all the pictures.

  14. I think it's so fun that you take these pictures. Very nice.