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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re-posting: Why a woman should always have Kleenex in her purse

It's a burning question, folks. Just what exactly should a woman carry in her purse, anyway? Lots of people Google this, and if they clicked on my blog, they found out that they should definitely have tissues. Hopefully I was able to help some poor, ignorant, purse-carrying girl compose her list just a little bit. Originally posted on the day after Valentine's Day, 2008.

Why a woman should always have Kleenex in her purse


  1. Well that was such a sweet story. Such a kind heart you have!

  2. So true! I always MEAN to carry some but I usually forget. I've needed them for each and every reason you describe too.

  3. I had one of those mini packs of kleenex in my purse once. It disappeared faster than I could blink! Why didn't I purchase more mini packs???

  4. Kleenex is always good to have on hand, especially at Church.

    Sweet story.

  5. Great idea! Someone once gave mea mini pack of kleenex. I was having an allergy attack so it wasn't the same but it was nice nonetheless.

  6. I'm dying to know why that lady was crying.

  7. I loved this post-I felt for that poor girl. The parable of the bad valentines day & the kleenex.

    (how are those costumes coming along? are you sewing at this very moment?)

    (I can't stop staring at those pics, Lara. Seriously! You are so talented & just captured his 5 week old essence perfectly! I love you!)

  8. What a wonderful post. I can certainly relate with you. My husband is a h.s. choir director and I too find myself going to all the shows by myself and doing a lot of people watching while waiting on him. And this year his Christmas show, a Madrigal Dinner, falls on our Anniversary - what great timing!!! Guess I'll be eating dinner alone too - I'll be sure to pack some kleenexes. :)

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