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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some girly shopping links just in time for Christmas

A lot of you asked me if I could tell you where I bought the hats and dresses my girls were wearing in this photo shoot. I am more than happy to oblige.

All of the dresses were bought at Stephanie's Boutique. She has both an online store and an eBay store (which is also online, amazingly enough). Her stuff is adorable, and rather popular, so sometimes it's hard to win the auctions, but it's always worth a try. I did manage to snag Sophie's dress for a mere 12 dollars, and Chloe's for 25. Bria's I ended up just buying because I kept losing the auction. I think it was 35 dollars.

I bought Chloe's hat at another eBay store. Kara makes beautiful hats and headbands, but it looks like only a few are listed at a time. I pointed my mom over to her store after I got Chloe's hat and she bought a similar hat for my niece, only it was brown knit with a light pink flower. I saw it when I was up visiting, and it is gorgeous. This store is just starting out, so run on over and give her some business. I definitely plan to buy a few more things from her as Christmas gifts for my girls.

I bought Bria's hat at Funky Fleece, also an eBay store. I like eBay stores. She has a lot of similar hats, headbands and fun (and funky, obviously) things like legwarmers and ponchos for little girls. I really, really like her stuff, and so should you. The one downside is that she is in Canada, so the shipping prices are a little hefty. Unless, of course, you actually live in Canada.

I'm sorry if you have only boys, because I am pretty sure these stores only cater to the girly crowd. But feel free to buy something for your niece or your best friend's daughter or the little girl you know you'll have someday. Or my kids. I certainly won't complain!


  1. Really cute (the girls and their clothes). We shop online a lot because we live in a very rural area. I'm glad to know about these stores--thanks. (I have 6 girls).

  2. :( No daughters to shop for. Not even nieces.

  3. Big fat bummer!

    I need to have a girl, just so I can dress her up in cute stuff!

  4. How fun! I'll definitely have to check them if I need another reason to sit myself in front of the computer!

  5. Ooooohhhh. I love girly stuff.

  6. I love all of the stores but the best place you should buy your bows and head bands is Bing Bows. Love them.