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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stress free holidays for me! (so far anyway)

Okay. So this sewing of the Halloween costumes thing is making me feel the need to be super early in all of my holiday preparations. Normally I'm pretty stressed and last minute, but I must say that I kind of like this new feeling!

I'm actually so far ahead in my Christmas shopping, that I can hardly believe this is really me. It's a miracle that I've even started it. Some non procrastinating alien must have taken over my body or something! Traditionally, we get 4 gifts for each child: An outfit, a toy, a book and a movie. So far, I have bought all 3 movies (Thanks Disney Movie Club!), outfits for Bria and Chloe, matching sweaters for all 3 girls, and I have even purchased a few stocking stuffers (socks and jewelry).

Yesterday, I got a coupon in my email from the Children's Place (you'll recall I rather like this store because my girls can be matchy matchy) for Bria's birthday. It was 20% off! Plus, I have rewards points on my Children's Place card. So, I bought their Christmas dresses. And I got a smokin' deal, by the way. Super exciting! The finding and buying of Christmas dresses is usually one of the most stressful parts of my holiday season. And look at me being all done with it (except for something to go under Sophia's jumper) on October 3!

Here's what I ended up with:

For Bria:

For Chloe (she has a black turtleneck to put underneath):

For Sophie (just have to get a shirt for underneath):
Loving the plaid and the brass buttons.

Loving that this is done.

I wonder how much more I can get done before November even hits?


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  1. I love The Children's Place (well, other than the fact that like 80% of the store is adorable girls' clothing, and I have two boys). I'm assuming this is in St. George? I need to get down there more often.

  2. I buy early, and then I buy too much.
    Just sayin.... now that you're turning into me. :)

  3. that's great, you go girl. Rob and I are trying to do that this year. We are looking for a wooden kitchen and a wooden doll house if any would like to sell theirs then please do tell.

  4. Oh my goodness! I was just reading Family Circle, and there was an ad for The Children's Place, where they had a bunch of children dressed in plaid and red, black, and white outfits, including the items you purchased. I was thinking about how cute all the outfits were. Good job!

  5. Lara, you're awesome!! I hope to have all my shopping done by November...maybe...we'll see. :)

  6. Love them. I saw all the christmas dresses at CP yesterday and debated. HOWEVER, I have had HUGE success with Costco so I'm holding out for a few more weeks. I like to get the dresses early too so I'm not scrambling at the last minute!
    AND, The Dollar Store was the perfect place for all of Elodie's stocking stuffers. $15 in and out!
    I think we are only going to do a stocking this year for Addysen. Maybe a toy.

  7. I am totally impressed. Now, don't tell me you have your year's supply!

  8. Just wanted to put in my two cents... I looked for so long to find a black shirt for my young ones. OLD NAVY is the only place I could find nice black shirts... good luck.


  9. I like their stuff too. You girls will be cute!

  10. I love the outfits and way to go on getting the Christmas shopping started! My only problem with early shopping is I always end up buying more or too much when I shop early. I guess the key is self control and sticking to a plan! Your girls will be precious for the holidays!

  11. You and Maddy must be related:o) That woman is already searching for everyone's addresses for Christmas cards! I'll be procrastinating this year, thanks!

  12. I love having my boys all "matchy-matchy" as well.

    Those dresses are DARLING!

    Way to be on top of it!

  13. Good for you! Hopefully some of that can rub off on me. :)

  14. CUTENESS! I love the CP Christmas stuff right now. Actually I love anywhere's Christmas stuff. I got Ellie and Sadie matching stuff at the Gap last week and got Nate's stuff to match at CP.