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Monday, November 03, 2008

A month of Thanksgiving

I'll admit, I don't usually give the Thanksgiving holiday the credit it deserves. I look at it as a chance to gorge myself on great food and spend time with family, but the real reason for the day is often lost somewhere between the turkey and the pumpkin pie.

I want to change that this year. This year, I want to really and truly focus on my blessings. I want to find ways to show the gratitude that I feel for the abundance that is in my life. And I'm going to do it all on my blog.

Each day, I'll focus on a blessing and express my thanksgiving for having it in my life. I also decided that I will throw in a few giveaways this month, in gratitude for the people that come here every day to read about my life.

And since Thanksgiving always brings to mind feasts, I thought I'd share with you the feast we had to celebrate Bria's baptism on Saturday evening. And don't fall over dead or anything, but I'll even link you up with some yummy recipes.

I had every intention of taking at least one picture of the spread, but everything happened too fast and I didn't get a chance. You'll just have to trust me that it all looked very pretty. And you'll have to trust me even more that it all tasted amazing, since I didn't get to eat any of it due to my diet, but word on the street says that everything was totally yummy.

First of all, I made these cupcake pops:

I took a picture the night before because I was so proud of them. They were rather labor intensive, after all. I started the process on Tuesday night, molded the mini cupcakes on Wednesday, and my fab friend Erin came over on Thursday morning and helped me with the final step of dipping them in chocolate and sprinkling them. She ate a couple, and confirmed that they were as delicious as they are adorable. Although I think that Erin and I did a fabulous job with these, we are nowhere near as professional as Bakerella herself, where I found the recipe and instructions. Here it is for your viewing, and possibly baking, pleasure. I also learned that Pioneer Woman did a Halloween version of these very same pops, so here is that link since you only have 362 more days until next Halloween.

The other thing that I, Lara, actually made, is apple tarts. Basically, I just bought apple pie filling in a can for those. I did make the crusts from scratch, though. I just opened my cookbook and found the recipe, but I substituted cream cheese for shortening. Then I made little mini pies in the muffin tin. They were really yummy according to my dad, who ate most of them.

Joel made BYU mint brownies which are to die for. When I am not on a diet, I have been known to eat an entire pan almost by myself. If you are familiar with BYU catering's version of these, you know they are divine. Except to my nephew, who said, "Uncle Joey? I think you accidentally put toothpaste in these brownies," the first (and last) time he ever tried them. Toothpaste and chocolate together are not so appetizing to him, I guess.

Joel also made pumpkin cobbler. I got the recipe from my friend Kathy, who recently made it for a Stake Young Women leadership training meeting. Since, alas, I couldn't eat my serving, I took it home to Joel, who exclaimed over its fabulousness with every bite, and couldn't wait to make it himself. I know I would love it, because I love pumpkin pie, but I will have to wait to try it another day. You, however, can go look at the recipe on Kathy's blog and try it out. Nothing's stopping you!

We also had a few cookies and some pumpkin bread donated by my mom and my cousin, Michelle. (Michelle....Joel loved your cookies, you'll have to send over the recipe unless it's a family secret!)

It all looked and smelled amazing, and turned out to be a wonderful way to celebrate our Bria's baptism.


  1. It's amazing the yummy stuff we end up with for special family occasions. I just had a friend call last night for a recipe of a salad that my sil brought for Kenton's baptism back in August!

    Congrats to Bria on her special day!

  2. Yummy, YOu are making me hungry. Bria seemed so happy when I told her congratulations on her baptism. That is so exciting. Sounds like you started with the yummy food early for this month. Are you still dieting with all of these treats around??? If you are WOW. I am amazed.

  3. Yeah, I'm going to need those little bits of heaven. Goodness they look YUMMY!

  4. Way to go Martha Stewart! Everything sounds YUMMY!

  5. So, you decided to throw out simple and go with the "pull your hair out cause youre so stressed out" spread, huh? ;)

    You have a very lucky daughter to have a mom who loves her so much.

  6. Man, I need to snag an invite to your place! They look delicious!

  7. It sounds like you had a very nice celebration for Bria's baptism. I think it's funny you had BYU mint brownies. Does everyone that goes to BYU come away with fond memories of those? I know we did. I finally got the recipe, but haven't tried it yet. Are they exactly like the ones you buy at the creamery or am I going to be disappointed?

  8. Wow! You truly are an amazing woman and Mom! Shellise always tells me how amazing you are. Now I believe her :)

  9. Hope you don't mind a stranger leaving a comment. What fun ideas you have!! I love those cupcake pops. I am going to have to try making those!!

    Do you mind if I add your blog to mine? It is a blog with insperational stories, ideas, etc...

  10. It all sounds absolutely divine! I'll definitely have to try the cupcake pops sometime. Sooo cute! And since I haven't checked out your blog in a while...LOVED the costumes. You rock!!

  11. You're not only an amazing photographer but you can bake as well. Your family is so lucky.

  12. Wow!!! You really ARE amazing - I know how hard it is to make all that yummy food, and then NOT eat it - huge kudos!

    BTW - what diet are you doing? Just curious...

  13. I saw the picture of the cupcake pop things, and I was sure it was a picture from Bakerella because they looked so nice and pretty. Then I realized they were the ones I helped make! You made them look so beautiful.

    All of the recipes look delicious. I think I just gained a pound by looking at them.

  14. so glad you found me and it's nice to have another blog to read. you are a great photographer.

    I dream of being better, but know if I start, I'd want a better camera and that would only snowball into $$ we dont have but I sure like taking pix.. LOL

  15. oh and I added you to my blog roll at the got org site.

    see my famiy one too.

  16. Okay, first of all...you're AMAZING to make things like this while on a diet. My poor family just doesn't get things like this.

    And I'm SO hungry now!

  17. Saw your blog on my sister Erin's, and decided to come over and meet you. I'm so glad I did! I LOVE to bake, and all of these treats sound SOOOOO yummy! I will look forward to you talking about Thanksgiving. What a great idea.

  18. So are there any more treats that you are tired of having around? Because we are more than willing to lighten the burden!!!

  19. Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend and the baptism was a wonderful celebration.

    Lots of yummy things! It reminded me that my son has been asking me to make pumpkin bread.

  20. Those look beautiful and my thighs said to tell you they look delicious too!

  21. #1 Baptisms are AWESOME!!! congrats!!!

    #2 your food sounds WONDERFUL!! I HAVE to try and make those pops.. I just do!! I've been thinking about it.. but you just encouraged me to just do it!!!

    And mint brownies.. do I DARE try?? I'd eat them all!!

  22. Hey Lara, I was on another friends blog and she comes up with/finds really fun things to do. because of the theme for this month I thought you might like the thankful tree idea.


    Not to add anything more to your list...


  23. Those are sooooo fun!!
    I'm loving your photography too!

    Quite a talented lady, Ms. Lara~!