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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't bother me, I'm reading Hawaiian name books

So I finally decided that enough was enough and I went to the library and checked out three books. That was Thursday afternoon, and I have already read two of them and am a good ways into the third.

That's what happens when I haven't read a good book in months.

Since I'm too busy devouring an amazing book called Bel Canto, I don't have a darn thing to blog about. So, since Jill asked, I will tell you about my children's Hawaiian names.

First, did you know that The Maestro is part Hawaiian? I know. He doesn't really look it. Maybe if you look closely at his nose you could tell. He got the European genes, but some of his siblings most definitely have the island genes. See? (They are in birth order with mom and dad in the middle--The Maestro is #7 of 9)

Anyway, I digress. Since our children have at least 1/8 of Hawaiian blood in them, we wanted to make sure they also had a name to go with it, especially since they don't really look it. So they have their first names, a middle name given after a family member (Bria and Chloe are named after my mom and Joel's mom respectively while Sophia has my grandmother's maiden name for a middle name) and then a second middle name in Hawaiian. I realize that they will have five names and possibly twenty syllables by the time they get married, but hey? Who cares? I don't go around using all my names too much and it seems the schools only accept one middle name anyway (which actually bothers both of my school girls immensely since their special Hawaiian names are always missing on report cards and such).

I'm still digressing aren't I?

But I still have just one more tiny digression. When we were choosing their Hawaiian names, it mattered very much to Joel how they sounded and it mattered very much to me what they actually meant.

Okay, so here it is.

Bria's Hawaiian name is Pukalani. It means Doorway to Heaven.

Chloe's is La'akea. It means Sacred Light.

Sophia's is Na'auali'i and it means Chiefly Heart (i.e. kind, thoughtful, forgiving).

And there you have it. I'm just sad I don't have one of my own. Except maybe Lalakme. Whatever that means in Hawaiian.


  1. What great timing!

    I love their names! They all sounds so fitting for each and yet so majestic. Wow, great choices!

    You need to talk to the district; you can't find the justice in leaving out such great names that make them unique!


  2. Too funny how you turned my request into a valid blog entry. lol :-)

  3. My cousin does the same thing you do... a second middle name in hawaiian.

    I want a hawaiian middle name too. That's so cool!

  4. Beautiful middle names. Isn't Bel Canto divine? One of my all time faves!

  5. Here are my random thoughts about this post...

    1) Why is the tag "not-so-deep thoughts?" I find all of your thoughts deep. Even the one about cleaning out your wallet.
    2) I am surprised to learn that people are still reading books. I thought blogging had replaced that activity.
    3) I adore the meaning behind your children's Hawaiian names.


  6. You are good to remember what they mean:o) Maybe I should go get a Hawaiian name book to refresh my memory! Damon had to give his nephew a blessing last week, and I think he has 3 Hawaiian middle was hilarious watching his face as he tried to memorize it:o) Our kid's middle names are the shortest in the book!

  7. Those are beautiful names. I bet the girls love them. Todd also has two middle names. What a story that is.

  8. Very cool. Now get back to reading.

  9. Beautiful names. NAMES I BELIEVE ARE SUPER DOOPER IMPORTANT. I love "what's in a name" When you yell at your you say ALL the names!!(probably don't yell at your kids)

  10. Bel Canto is a great, great book! Go finish it now! Then let me know what you thought.
    What else did you read?

  11. Wonderful !
    We have friends at church with kids who have Hawaiian names ( wife is from the islands)...I just love them has been really interesting when their babies are blessed and baptized and the meanings are just beautiful, like your girls names...I have 2 of their girls in Activity days.

  12. So many questions! Like, which one is your husband? And, are all of those his siblings? (well,except for the two in the middle). I was my parents 6th child. Still am, matter of fact. I was also the 6th girl (my twin sister was 5th). My father despaired of ever having a name sake so we each got a middle name, a feminine version of his. BUT both grandmother's wanted a namesake (can you believe my parents had four daughters without naming any after them in any way shape or form?)so we each got a second middle name, one after each grandmother. So, I do indeed have five names now and I love it. I was only teased about it once or twice. True, it was by a teacher and in a very public way but no matter, I have gone on to be partially well adjusted anyway. ;) Oh, and my parents went on to have a 7th girl and finally a boy!!

  13. Very beautiful names. How fun to have 2 middle names.

  14. Very cool tradition. My Samoan friend does that too, and all of her children have Samoan middle names. The best is when the bishopric tries to pronounce them over the pulpit!

  15. Oh I loved Bel Canto! Such a great story. I was sad when it was over. Beautiful names.

  16. Bel Canto = good book

    I like that you incorporate their heritage into their names. All my kids have Spanish middle names since they are 1/2 Mexican and I figure they get to keep their last name, too (well, until now with #4)...

  17. I want to be part Hawaiian! I love those names. And I love the Polynesian/Hawaiian people. It is our favorite place to go as a family.