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Thursday, February 12, 2009

L is for Love

Sharla did a love list (since it's February and all) of things that start with the first letter of her name. I decided that it looked like fun and am taking her challenge, even though L seems like a tougher letter to me than S. I suppose the trick is to find ways to incorporate everything you love in creative ways for your letter. Anyway, without further ado....

...Things I love that start with L:

Little ones And not just any little ones, either. My little ones. I'm sure yours are cute and all, but mine are cuter. Really. They are such the joy of my life, even while they are breaking dozens of eggs or putting toothpaste in my hairbrush.

Love This is code for "Joel" just so you know. What a blessing and a balance he is to me. He's a pretty awesome husband. Oh, and I love him. A lot.

Liberty I love America. Nothing more to say about that.

Literature & Libraries I love nothing more than to hunker down at night with a good book. I've been neglecting this particular love in recent times, so I am glad that I visited the library and got a few new selections to love, even if I don't have a ton of time to actually read. (And, also a lot of my reading time is spent reading blogs.)

La Boheme, Le Nozze di Figaro & Lakme I adore opera. Puccini is my favorite opera composer, closely followed by Mozart. Nothing better than sitting down to listen to some great tragedy, or better yet to actually see one in person. However, I can't say that I truly love Wagner (although Joel does).

Language Did you know that I minored in linguistics in college? Language and all of its rules and exceptions and similarities is fascinating. I speak Romanian fluently and have studied German, Italian, Latin and French. Though French barely counts because I don't know that I remember any of it at all. One of my favorite things about having little ones is watching their language develop. It really intrigues me.

Lenses Love me some photography. There is nothing better than clicking that shutter and knowing you captured a moment you never want to forget. Especially when it's my kids.

Larynx It's my favorite part of my body. I love to sing, and my larynx really helps me to do it well. In fact, I couldn't do it at all without my larynx. Yep, I love using my larynx.

Laughter I come from a family where laughter was prominent. I love to laugh, and usually have no problem laughing at myself, especially when I walk out of Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix and fall flat on my face in the sidewalk in front of millions of people and rip my favorite pants. No point being upset when you can laugh.

Laundry Just wait a minute here...how did that get on this list? Let me think about it a second. Nope. I don't love laundry. Sorry to disappoint.

Learning I always love to learn something new. Be it a new skill, a new word, or an interesting fact for my gee whiz collection. I really miss being in school and hope to go back for a Master's Degree someday.

Letters As cool as email is, there is just something about receiving a real live letter in the mail. I got a couple last week and they seriously made my day. So, if you really want to make me happy, send me a card! Even better, send me a present!

Light Nothing worse than dreary, dark, gloomy January. Nothing better than a warm, sunny, bright spring/summer/fall day. I love the sunshine!

Lilies Specifically of the stargazer variety. My favorite flower. Even though I'm not a fan of receiving flowers (what a waste of money!) I do like to look at stargazer lilies. I guess, technically, I like to gaze at them. With stars in my eyes.

Links I love blogging.

Lipstick Can't live without it. I have a ton of it. I used to wear a shade called "Classic Red" that was red as red can be. I could do that because my hair is so dark. Now that I'm a mom, I feel a little out there when I wear bright red, so I've toned it down and currently wear a shade called "Live Wire."

the Lord I definitely love the Lord, and am glad I can include Him in my list. I really don't know who or what I'd be without the Gospel in my life and I am thankful every day for parents who raised me to know and love God. (Also, I love my parents, but I can't figure out how to make them start with L.)

Lists Really. I do. I am a compulsive list maker. My lists often include silly things like "Eat Breakfast" and "Make my Bed." Because if it's not on the list it will never get done, no matter how much Joel makes fun of me for it. I need my lists to function. I also love my list of things that I love that start with L.


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  1. Wow, great list! How in the world did you come up with so many? Good job!

  2. What a great idea!! Very creative with the L's. I liked the larynx, very creative.

  3. You so just earned your "helping" entries! :D Thanks!

    I think I'm off to see if I can come up with just as much with the letter C. I love these kinds of challenge posts!

    Love the "light" one. I can't stand the dark either, especially if it's sunny outside. The tinted windows in the campus nearly drove me insane during the cooler months or rainy days!

  4. You know I love me some linguistics! I think watching my kids' language development is one of the coolest parts of parenting.

  5. I love your lovely love list, Lara.

    This is a great idea. Creative ways to get in all your loves under the letter L!

    (And thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! If I win, then so do you!)

  6. O.K. how about lineage for parents? Love the list of loves, and puccini is my favorite as well. It doesn't get better than Nessum Dorma, or un bel di. I have a hard time with Wagner, but my dad liked him so maybe men relate better or something?

  7. Great list! Especially the larynx one.

  8. Men like Wagner because: 1) All the women have big pointy boobs, and 2) Done right, husbands can get a good 4-hour nap in while the opera plays.

    I'm sure this is completely true. I have a testimony of it.

    Great list, Lara! I love knowing smart ladies!

  9. Lovely List Lara. This is a really cute tag. And I want you to come over and do laundry anytime :)

  10. What Lovely things to Love. I wish I could wear red lipstick. Pink is more my color.

  11. I'm very happy you took laundry off the list. I was so worried about you:)

  12. What a nice list of things you love!

  13. It's so good to reflect on all the things we love. Unfortunately I'm currently working on that meme about 25 things I hate.

  14. And all this time I thought your hips were your favorite. ;)
    Eh, all the opera talk {gag}

  15. What a great idea. I keep a gratitude journal, and you've given me a whole new focus...things that I'm grateful for that start with K (tougher than L ya know).

  16. What a great idea! I keep a gratitude journal, and you've given me a whole new focus...things that I'm grateful for that start with K (tougher than L ya know).

  17. What a great idea. I keep a gratitude journal, and you've given me a whole new focus...things that I'm grateful for that start with K (tougher than L ya know).

  18. Cute, Lara! The letter L really fits you, hey your name even starts with it!

  19. BTW, Thanks for steering me to
    CC's blog ! I just enjoy it so much and encourage everyone to take a little peek too !

  20. Great list...once you got started I bet you had all kinds of loves starting with "L". Lipstick..I love it that you'll wear RED lipstick. It's awesome.
    W---for my name, I'll have to see what I can come up with.

  21. great list! i l-l-l-l-love it!

  22. Great list! I love lillies too. I carried callalillies for my wedding, like my mom and her mom did.

  23. Brilliant! Well said and so Fun to read.

  24. Love the List and I almost love all those things-in my world- too ;) except I also hate laundry...

  25. Lovely List Lara!!! (did you notice my "l's"?)