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Friday, March 06, 2009

Talk about a heart attack

Yesterday, Joel forwarded an email to me that he received at his school email. It was from the district, and it said this:

Subject Line:

Important Survey



By now, most of you have become aware of the significant budget cuts across the district. Because of this we are evaluating the possible options to reduce costs. We would like to hear your opinions of the two options that we have come up with. The two possible options are:

1. 10% reduction in force across the district
2. 10% reduction in pay across the district

Please click on the link below and take the time to provide feedback in this survey.

(Link provided)

Thank you,
HR Department

Name of School District

So, I spent the rest of the day fretting about which would be the better choice. I hate to say 10% reduction in force, because who knows what that means for a music teacher? Besides, isn't it better for everyone to make do with a little less, than for a few people to get axed altogether? Then again, a 10% reduction in pay is kind of a lot. We barely survive on what Joel makes now, and with 10% less, that would be really difficult. What a hard choice! And besides, no matter what we answer on the survey, the district higher-ups would just make whatever decision they thought was best anyway. So why was I giving myself an ulcer worrying about it?

Then we learned that the district sent these emails out as a test to find out how many people would actually respond to a survey you had to click on from the following email address:

hr @


Not nice!

Anyway, they found out that their employees need to more carefully avoid email scams.

You think?


  1. That's a very odd, and sort of mean, way to go about it.

  2. I would be sorely tempted to do something nasty in return. Sheesh! They shaved four years off your life with worry!

  3. Scary! Even scarier? My husband is a teacher. In California. He works for the state. He's on the short list. We know in about a week whether or not he is still going to have a job (he doesn't have a lot of senority, so . . .)

  4. Geez, that was a rude way to go about it. Really scary for some people too.

  5. You have every right to feel this is wrong. Very rude.

  6. That is complete and total crap.
    The person who thought of it should be fired, and you can save that money.

  7. Who is the knucklehead who wrote that awful letter ? The answer is: his or her job is not in jeparody at all !
    If we keep short changing our teachers and in turn our children, we will be in a world of even more trouble than we are now !

  8. A cruel joke to find email scams ??? How many hours of taxpayer money did that cost to think up ?

  9. As a school district employee I can say that was in bad taste. Everyone os already jittery right now. Sheesh.

  10. While that wasn't very nice, you had a great attitude through-out. I do believe that teachers are under-payed.

  11. Holy un-PC.

    I'm guessing they don't have a Human Resources department, because NO ONE WITH ANY HR TRAINING WOULD DO THAT.

    I thought.

  12. That is awful! How would you ever trust communication with them again?

  13. Wow that is horrible!! Matt gets to keep his job for now but he has to take every other Friday off with out pay. It feels like a big cut!!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I have been struggling with what to do with Emma for quite some time. The first kids is so hard... The second probably is too but it is nice to have help from other mom's. Thank you.

  14. Um... yeah. Not very nice, but definitely a good warning.

  15. Seriously, that was horrible! Only in a small town. Sheesh.

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you that we are leaving this afternoon for Moab, so I won't be coming to your house tonight! Have fun though!

  16. Man, thats not even cool.. JERKS!! WElL im glad it was considered a "spoof" and it wasnt real!! Take care

  17. that was darn sneaky of them. i can't imagine what an email like would do around here. people are already stressed out of their minds.

    have fun in vegas! next time you're here (with more time) we'll have to meet up.

  18. Very bad, when everyone is on guard as it is.,

  19. I think that was really stupid. I would have taken it serious for sure.

  20. OK, I got the scoop.
    I talked to someone at the District that knows about this e-mail. It was not sent by any district employees. It was sent from a security group created by the State. The whole point of the e-mail was to get people to get so wrapped up the the email they would give up secure information. Phishing is what it is called. Used to steal identities. This has been going on all over the state.
    This security group was able to get many usernames and passwords from district employees and then used those to get complete access to students grades and personal information online. Fortunately this information did not get into the hands of the bad guys, but was turned back over to the district as a learning tool.

    Scary part; this could be done by anyone in the world if people follow bad e-mail links.

  21. That's kind of a mean trick. It is hard to decide those kinds of questions and they don't need to be doing that as a "joke" or to check bad emails.
    We have faced that at the court house where I work. we all opted to try and do with less $$ then to see people loose their jobs.

  22. Tracy: Thanks for clearing that up. The follow up email they sent made it sound like it was all their idea, knowing what you say makes me feel better, although I still think they could have used another avenue since all the teachers are a little nervous right now about what will happen to their jobs next school year.

  23. I thought it was funny. I know I am sick like that. But then again I did not open the link and type in my password.It was not the only thing they did, and we all failed miserably.

  24. I don't think that was very nice. Hmmm.

  25. How frustrating and stressful when everything is so stressful already.