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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter aftermath and a few of the darnedest things said by my kids

There is Easter grass all over my house. Every year this happens, and every year I vow not to ever buy the stuff again. And then I still do it. Please remind me next year.

We had a very nice weekend, and I will sit down and edit pictures and write about it sometime. Who knows when, though, because I have to pick up the Easter grass first.

In the meantime, I leave you with a few memorable anecdotes from this week:


She was sitting at the counter eating some eggs, and she could hear the older girls in the bedroom having some fun and was dying to check it out. She looked at Joel and me, who were in the kitchen with her, and said, "Nobady eata my edds, otay?" Then she got down from her barstool, watching us suspiciously and checking on her eggs the entire time, and headed off to see what her sisters were up to.

As soon as she was halfway down the hall, Joel said, "Oh look at these yummy eggs!" and you've never heard a louder or more intense "NO!" as she came running back to save her breakfast.

He is such a tease. My poor daughters.


Just tonight, as we were leaving Joel's brother's house, Chloe refused to come. She parked herself on her cousin's bed and said she was going to sleep right there tonight, thankyouverymuch. I told her that if she didn't start cooperating and get her shoes on and come that she would have to lose a day of doing artwork.

Instead of obeying, she snottily said, "I don't even like doing art, anyway! Hmmpph!"

So, of course, I informed her that she would be grounded from it for all of tomorrow then.

And then she screamed. "NO! Never mind! I was just kidding! I LOVE doing art! Please don't ground me from it!"

My ears are still ringing. (I think someone had too much chocolate today.)


While riding in the car, she and Chloe were talking about make-up and rosy cheeks and what exactly that term means. Chloe thought it meant that your cheeks were a reddish color, like a rose, but Bria had other ideas.

They asked me to settle the question, so I said, "I'm pretty sure that rosy cheeks means that your cheeks are red or pink."

But Bria held her ground. "No, I know that they can turn a little bit green sometimes. Like when you're green with envy."

Perhaps she has a point.

Hope you all had a happy Easter!


  1. Your girls are adorable.

    Love the classis change of heart when it came to her art stuff.

  2. That is too cute. Mikelle has a weekly art class at Blackbird (the school that did that art contest that a lot of my kids won!) and I'm holding that over her head when it comes to grades, effort and ATTITUDE. Problem is, once I pay for a month of classes, if I ground her from one of her weeklty classes, it would be money down the drain. But such is life. And Seriously, about the grass - use colored tissue paper in the bottom of baskets. That's what I do and have done for years and makes life SO nice. Christian came home from school on Thurs with a tiny goodie bag and easter grass and just that amount that got on the floor reminded me why easter grass isn't necessary and why I.won't.do.it. Remember: Colored tissue paper. Bottom of basket. Just as effective. :-)

  3. Soooo cute! One day they will love looking back and hearing these memories. :)

  4. No Easter grass at our house this year. Just buckets full of treasures.

    I love when you share stories about your girls. They crack me up!

  5. Back when the EB was a regular fixture at our house (I finally called an exterminator; he's kinda creepy...) I used a CARPET RAKE to collect all that (insert cuss word of choice) grass. Works like a charm, and manages to bring up a sedimentary layer along with the grassy one. Or maybe that's just in the homes of the vacuuming challenged!

  6. Baby G is too little to talk yet so he shared his feelings about our long Easter day by puking on my husband. Very thoughtful and it made his point.

  7. Love it Lara. Your girls carry such beauty and wit. Watch out. That is such a attracting character. They will have so many adoring fans :) How fun for you yesterday.

  8. I think after the make-up -- Joel has every right to tease.

  9. the one thing i don't like about easter = easter basket "grass".

  10. My kids weren't interested in an Easter egg hunt this year. Sad. But it was less work for me! :)

  11. I love reading things that trigger a memory for me, and your story for Sophia just did! Dads do love teasing their little girls! That exact morning happened to us with Rorie! Thanks for that!

  12. What a crack up those kids are. Makes me almost miss my kids being little.

  13. Oh, man, I just *know* I'm going to be an evil mom, because Joel's egg-teasing is *exactly* the kind of thing I would have done! So, so funny. I can just see little Sophia running back to fiercely protect her "edds." Oh, my poor future kids...

    Cool that your cousin lives on Bainbridge! It's a beautiful place, and there's a brand new ice cream shop there that is fabulous...there's no decent ice cream to be had in T-town, so I have to get my kicks when I can!

  14. I love that art is such a big motivator for Chloe! That's great.

    I also just read your post 2 down about decision making. I wish I had advice, but I seem to suffer from the same problem of not knowing the source of thoughts in my head. I am sometimes afraid that I hear what I want to hear. Good luck with whatever it is!

  15. I think it's so funny that you can punish Chloe with an art strike. I guess it's like taking away a movie for Kanoa.

  16. How cute!!! Your girls are so cute. I just love what kids say. Hope you are doing ok. Ang really misses your girls. Give her a call sometime to babysit.

  17. Good stuff from your kiddos!

    And good luck with the Easter grass clean-up. We've all been there.

  18. That dang grass.. Ugh i dont like that stuff.. its messy.. i debated but ended up not buying it.. Thank goodness! Your kids are so adorable!!

  19. Oh yay! I'm excited to get to meet you in Cedar City at the blogging lunch. Wahoo!!

  20. I hate Easter grass. I was dumb and bought it this year, too. Last year, I found some paper kind, and it was way less messy but a little more expensive than that $1/bag. I couldn't find it this year though.

    Your kids' saying are so cute. Sounds like you've got the reverse psychology thing down!

  21. Dude -- Easter grass is of the devil!