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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An insomnia-induced epiphany

Sometimes my insomnia is so bad that I just have to get out of bed and go do something. The other night was like this, so I decided to get online and look up youtube videos of some of the songs I am interested in learning.

In so doing, I found a fabulous new singer to love. Her moniker on youtube is psychosoprano, and I found her by looking up Songs for a New World, which is my latest obsession and I want to learn all of them.

Anyway, here's the first one I watched by her: Just One Step from Songs for a New World.

After I watched that I was so impressed that I started to watch everything she ever posted of herself performing.

I really liked this one: The Party Dress. And at the very end, when she sings her last note, I had an epiphany.

Oh. My. Gosh. She is Miranda! mirandasings08 of youtube infamy. The one that I honestly thought was real. I mean, what with all of the American Idol auditions, I've learned that amazingly enough, these people really do exist.

Don't know who Miranda is? She's been going around on Facebook lately, at least in my circles of voice teachers/singers. Look her up. Or, here are a couple of my favorite Miranda videos.

Free Voice Lesson

(Just so you know, just about everything she teaches in this lesson is dead wrong, but oh-so-hilarious.)

Miranda sings Queen of the Night.

Watching this one makes me laugh so hard that I cry. Every time.

But, it's all so much funnier now that I realize that she actually rocks the singing.

And just in case you don't believe me, here's the absolute proof I found a bit later. I'm just very proud that I made the connection all by myself. (ETA: This video has now been made private for some reason. Maybe she decided she didn't want Miranda outed. Oh well!)

now that I've sufficiently wasted all your time watching crazy videos...I think I'll go practice some of those songs that I'm so determined to learn.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ok, she's hilarious! And that makeup fiasco helped with the "shaking" bit of the lesson! LOL Lisa loved the eyebrows action...

  2. okay that is awesome! thanks for the intro :)

  3. oh and I am really sorry you struggle w/ insomnia, i don't but the few times I couldn't sleep it was horrible! {{[hugs}}}

  4. hey lara - you don't have to get me a new header. Just plug in one of the Las Vegas pictures in the existing one. New header is at your convenience, but I don't know how to change pictures. Jill=too stressed and tired to even learn how, even though it will be easy. :-)

  5. *SNORT!* She's brilliant on every level. Holy cow. She's so good at being BAD.

    But that last video wouldn't work, up, darn it.

  6. I had never heard of her, but she's hilarious!

  7. OK, she's ALMOST as good as Mrs. Miller. I mean, no one will ever beat Mrs. Miller, but she's pretty funny. I love the voice lesson.

  8. awesome.. Now how do you post a you tube video?? I wanted to post one and dont know how.. HAHA Take care

  9. Sorry about the insomnia but it goes to show you that something good can come out of something bad. She's brilliant.

  10. Oh my word, I went to college with MILLION people like the little fake opera diva! And half of them were teaching voice lessons to non-majors, with exactly that much expertise and skill!

    It's laugh out loud funny no matter what, but if you've ever been a voice student or teacher (and I've done both in my day) it's almost too true to be fake!

  11. Oh the eyebrow thing! It makes me twitch, but seriously so funny. She must be so confident in herself to pull something like THIS off.

  12. So So Funny - great for after a hard day of work!

  13. Those Miranda videos are too dang hilarious! I wish she would also do a "how to sing like a pop-star" video and do all kinds of skidding around with her voice and crazy neck juts.

  14. OH MY GOSH! You're right! I watched the first video thinking, "Hmmm, she looks familiar," but couldn't figure out from where.

    Totally floored. Still can't figure out how to feel. Sad that I care so much, but eh, oh well. :) She does rock, I can say that much for sure.