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Monday, May 25, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

Seriously, I look forward to my kids bringing home their writing journals at the end of the school year almost more than I do Christmas. It is one of my favorite things in the world to sit and read their little thoughts and what they feel is important to write about. Sure, I laugh a lot at their cuteness and spelling goofs, and I love to see their progress throughout the year, but mostly I just gain an insight into their little personalities that makes me so happy.

Here are 9 excerpts (one for each month of school) from Chloe's Kindergarten writing journal. I've left all punctuation and spelling intact. I wish I had the time to scan these in for you, because each is accompanied by an elaborate drawing, as only Chloe can do. You'll just have to use your imagination.




yIsh I WAS with MY FAMiLy


Iwishtheattheir was a rainBow.


I wish That my Momma Had a nather Baby That it was SoSo cute and i Love my Momma


I Wish that i could go to Mcdonls rit naow But it is scooL


I Get to go to the Discovere Pork. My Mommy said Mabey But i Jest no She is Ganto saey yes and i am Eceideid that i am Going to the Discovere Pork and my sister is Eceideid to and i Hope that my Best frend's is ther and i Hev A nathr thing that i am Eceideid abawt it is i am Eting At the Pezza Hut to


I am Going to aeraszonae to moro for a Weting I am staing for 4 Day's I am Ganto miss all my frend's And it is Going to be Hot ther.


I Got for Ester a Morshmello Banny and BoBBles and chak Jelly Ben's and Got som Pet Shops and the Ester Banny Hid Eggs in My yorD it was fun!


I am Going to Moov to Mishogen and i am Going to miss Msr. Ross and My Gradma and GrandPa and my Gradma's Dog Daisy I am Going to Miss Evrey Prsine in my Famliy I am Sad.


  1. That is so dang cute. Definitely keepers :-)

  2. How sweet! Ethan did a similar thing, but his was more like "My grandma has a cat." I love how Chloe wrote her feelings about stuff too.

  3. Ok, you can't lose those! ;-) I love reading them, so cute!

  4. Oh, I love it. You can see her improve, can't you? One year when we lived in Puerto Rico, I coached a T-ball team. At the end of the year we sent home a list of questions for parents to ask their kids and told them to write their answers EXACTLY as they said them. It was beyond darling.

  5. I love that they do writing journals...I'm gonna have to remember stuff like that for when I have kids.

  6. Writing journals in kindergarten? I have so much to learn, right with Abby. I think my favorite post is the one where she is sure you will take her to the park, and pizza hut too. Kids are pretty easy to please. We just checked the list yesterday and Abby will have Mrs Ross too.

  7. Awh, that last entry is kinda sad.
    Amazing how they progress.
    Can't wait t see what S is going to say in his.
    Was her teacher Mrs. Ross? That's amusing.

  8. Oh, that last one...moving is such a big change.

    And I just LOVE the sound-it-out spelling. She's just precious!

  9. I love school journals, too. And I've so noticed that girls write more than boys (in general) and with way more details. She is so cute. Can't wait to get my Kate's kindergarten journal and Sophie's 3rd grade journal, but I have to wait THREE MORE WEEKS...

    Hope the house hunting went well. Let us know!

  10. Yeah, that last one gave me a little frowny face but for the others, I was all smiles.

  11. I love how she was daydreaming about McDonald's while she was in school.

    It's like how I daydream about Hawaii or something tropical...she is so awesome.

  12. Happy Summer! Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. I love it! That is so cute, I particularly liked the Weting in Arizona entry! So much fun!

  14. I am also nuts for these elementary school journals. So cute!

  15. How extremely cute. It really is awesome to see how much she learned. And her thoughts? What a sweetie.

  16. Very cute! I can't wait for my kids to bring home their journals. How fun.

  17. That is sweet. The last entry about moving is sad, she will adjust though, moving is hard.

  18. Hey now! You tell Chloe is wasn't hot when you guys came in March! It was MARCH! lol NOW is another story. YUCK!!!!

  19. Hey, that's some impressive improvement from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

  20. PRICELESS!!! I love them.. I still have my daughters journals for those grades... and she's graduating this year... sniff sniff!!!1

  21. Oh, that last one was heartbreaking! How do kids survive moves? They do, I know they do, still . . .