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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Farm Country

So, to be totally honest, I got a little sick of the Alaska pictures and needed to do something else with my photo editing time for a while. (See? I'm trying to have a routine.) I'll get back to them, but I needed a little different color palette since Alaska seems to be all blue and white and well, blue.

These photos were taken after I went to Michigan but before we went to Alaska. Joel and I and the girls went with my sister-in-law, Anne-Marie, and her three boys to the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. Always a fun activity, especially when you get to go with cousins.

It was a very hot and sunny day, so most of the photos aren't great. But here are a few fun ones from when the kids were playing around in the little playhouse while we waited to go on our wagon ride.

This is my nephew Kanoa with Chloe. They're about 6 months apart in age and adore each other.

This is cranky Sophia. I'm pretty sure at this point it was naptime and the heat wasn't helping. No smiles from her....all attitude.

This is Bria with her cousin Gabriel. Gabe is about 9 months older than Sophia.

Sophia playing in the little jailhouse. My, but she was overheated. Look at those little red cheeks!

And we musn't forget my cutie-pie nephew, Lucas! Isn't he adorable?


  1. Cute pictures!! I love Thanksgiving Point.

    Oh by the way you need to teach us how you are doing your new boarders!!

  2. How fun that they have cousins so close in age. I have cousins my age and to this day we're still great friends.

  3. Close cousins are awesome! I love your ability to capture mood in your photos. You are a photographic genius!

  4. Okay, lady, I think you're WAY over your limit for Photogenic Children to Whom You Are Related. Both the girls and their cousins are such lookers!

    (Sophia's looking remarkably like a clothing model in that one shot!)

    Great photos, and fun times! Hope you're finding time to take a deep breath now and then.

  5. I gotta get our sorry butts to Utah. I've never been to Thanksgiving Point and I always hear how wonderful it is. The pictures tell me this is true! I especially love the overheated in jail one...too cute!

  6. i can't help but love sophia's expressions.

  7. That was a fun day. And very hot...The boys love their cousins. Gabe said the other day, "Mommy, I really like Bweea & Sopeea & Kwowe".

    Yep, we weeely like them.

  8. They are darling! And having cousins to play with is so much fun for them, too, isn't it...

  9. I just ran across your blog from I have no idea where, but I love it. Your pictures are so adorable! Cute blog and darling children.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your pictures are seriously AMAZING!!!

    Which means your talent is AMAZING!

    I love it! Beautiful.

  11. That Sophia's got a priceless stink eye!

  12. Man that Sophia can give you "the look" can't she? I'm not messing with her.

    Great pictures.

  13. Great pictures of the kiddos! Oh to be confident again to lie on the grass...

  14. I love the pictures. They are great.

  15. Such cute shots! And is it ever NOT sweltering hot at Thanksgiving point? Awesome that you've got cousins so close in age!

    BTW I'm catching up on you FINALLY! Reading everything, commenting here and there. :)