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Thursday, October 15, 2009

She used to like The Wiggles. And Strawberry Shortcake.


Every year when Bria's birthday rolls around I am a little shocked that I can possibly have a child as old as she is.  It shocked me when she turned 2, it shocked me when she turned 7, and it is still shocking to me that I, who still feels 17 years old most of the time, could actually be the mother of the 9-year-old child that is living in my house.

But there is no denying it.  She really did turn 9 this week.

Bria is blossoming into such a wonderful young lady.  It pains me to say that:  Young Lady.  And even though she prefers Hannah Montana to The Wiggles and  Harry Potter to Strawberry Shortcake, she is still the same delightful little girl that she always was.

She is starting to be really aware of finances and how much things cost.  She worries whether something she wants will be more than we can afford and is much more likely to go without something she really wants than she was even just a year ago, as she has come to really understand cost and income and all of that.  Just last week, I took her grocery shopping with me and she asked if we could buy Macaroni and Cheese.  Of course we could, I told her. But then she said, "Never mind.  We don't need it and I don't want to waste your money if it's too expensive."  Of course, Mac-n-Cheese is cheap, but I bought quite a lot on this shopping trip in preparation for my parents to visit and Bria's birthday party and paint supplies all on top of normal groceries.  When she heard the cashier tell me the almost three-hundred dollar total, her eyes got really big and she said she could put back some of her birthday stuff.  Seriously so sweet.

I mentioned before that she is having a cooking party with her friends on Saturday.  This little girl really loves to cook, and she didn't get it from me!  She reads cookbooks for fun.  Last Saturday morning she woke up early (as usual), and made deviled eggs all by herself! I don't think I've ever made deviled eggs in all my life, and here my child who is not quite nine years old did it.  And they were really good, to boot.

She is so helpful, always helping with her sisters.  She especially enjoys picking out Sophia's outfits, and even though Bria's fashion style is somewhat eclectic, she generally comes up with things that are really fun and totally her style.  She makes her bed as soon as she hops out of it in the morning, which is amazing to me, and she really tries to keep her bedroom clean.

She loves to read, and will often wake up early in order to do it.  (So different than her mother, who stays up super late in order to fit reading in.)  She is finally growing out of Junie B. Jones and moving on to some other wonderful books, like Harry Potter and many of Roald Dahl's titles, which are her current favorites.


She continues to be incredibly musical, and we suspect she may have perfect, or at least near-perfect, pitch.  After one of Joel's Tuacahn performances of High School Musical 2 this past summer, when asked how she liked the show she replied, "It was okay.  And I'm not trying to mean or anything, but a lot of those kids didn't really sing in tune very well."  She was right, but it was just so funny to hear that coming from a child!

It was especially fun this year to watch her open her birthday gifts.  I haven't seen her quite this happy since we lived in Arizona.  I am realizing that the Cedar City years were just as difficult for Bria as they were for me, in different ways, and it is incredible how truly happy she seems here.  She'd been asking for the DVD of Monsters vs. Aliens for months (I was so glad it was released in DVD a couple weeks ago!), and was absolutely thrilled to get it.


She was also excitedly looking forward to her gift from Joel's parents, because they nearly always give the kids one dollar for every year, and she wanted those nine dollars.  It was especially fun because Mimi called just as Bria was opening it, and it did not disappoint.  Plus there were stickers.

Mimi on the phone

She also got books and Barbies from Mamah and Grandpa (my parents), and Barbie clothes from her sisters.   I was a little worried in the back of my mind that maybe she would think she was too old for Barbies, even though I know she loves them.  But nope, she was thrilled.  She's not growing up too fast, after all.

Happy Birthday, Bria!  I love you so much.


I hope all your wishes come true this year.


  1. Lovely tribute to your lovely daughter! My oldest will be nine in the spring and it absolutely astounds me that he is so, well, just big! He gives me a hug and I just think... where did all this person come from? Is he actually still my little boy?

    He's also a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and we are all big Roald Dahl fans around this house. Just this morning, he told me that he woke up at 6 and decided instead of going back to sleep for an hour, he would read. The reading makes him my child... the not sleeping? I have no idea where he gets that.

  2. What a wonderful little girl you have there! It is so gratifying when the are delightful like that! (But just wait til your oldest is 26 - which is where I am at right now. How can that be when I am only 29?)

  3. From the darling little girl who liked to sit on small things (cans etc..) to a 9 year old young woman?! I can hardly stand the thought.

    Maybe she can take over my deviled eggs assignment that Dave gives me every Holiday season.

    Happy Birthday sweet Bria! Auntie loves you!
    Muuuuu Waaaaa!

  4. Can you believe that they're NINE?
    Can you believe how much they help us, when it seems like just days ago they were fairly helpless?
    It's amazing what they've learned in nine years.
    It's amazing what we haven't learned in nine years (and also what we have).
    Do you think Bria and Conner will get married? That would be perfect.
    Let's inform them of their planned nuptials. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Bria!

    I remember visiting you guys when she was a very small baby. My oldest is coming up on 9 and a half this month and I am thinking that 9 is one of my favorite ages. So helpful and considerate and starting to become more mature. I hope it is good at your house too!

  6. Such a sweet post!! I can't believe she is 9! I remember when she was in our sunbeam class in the Gateway ward!! Bummer time goes by so fast but it's so exciting to watch them grow! Happy Birthday bria-all the way from sunny (suppose to be 90 degrees on Saturday!) Arizona!

  7. I loved this post. Bria reminds me so much of Sophie, who is currently reading BFG for the second time and making me listen to much of the giant's dialogue. She also complains of people singing or playing out of darling. Happy birthday, Bria!

  8. This is such a beautiful post. Your love for your daugher and her love for you is just liberally painted over everything. You're a wonderful mommy and she's so lucky to have you. Just as lucky as you are to have her.

  9. Roald Dahl is my favorite!!! She really is growing up and looking like quite the young lady!

  10. A wonderful tribute . . . and imagine how old my mom must feel, because I used to love Strawberry Shortcake, too!

  11. Happy Birthday, Miss Bria! We hope your birthday was the best yet, and your 9th year will be as much fun as you can handle! Love, Luke, Deb, Kenton, and McKayslin

  12. What an impressive girl! Wish I had perfect pitch:) Happy Birthday to her!

  13. You know what else she might love to read? It is a book series with 13 or so books in it-the first one is "The Boys (or is it the girls) start the war", and the second one is "The girls get even". Turin's teacher introduced the class to these, and he's already read the next two. I read them, too, and they have me laughing out loud until my ribs hurt they are so funny! That is great, Happy B-day, Bria!

  14. She is beautiful! And I think that a cooking party is so awesome.

    I also think I'm 17, and then I realize how old I am, and that I still don't have kids.

  15. Happy Birthday Bria, we miss you guys so much!!!!

    Love Uncle Jon & Aunt Rachael

  16. she's a beautiful girl. i mean young lady.

    happy birthday bria!

  17. She is so pretty! We are heading into 9th birthday territory soon and you are so RIGHT...we can't possibly have children this old. We are only 17, after all :)

  18. She is very cute! And I love how you captured all of those moments so well.

    Every year I am shocked at how old my kids are getting. Really. I am 17 like you!

  19. My oldest just turned 9 - they have so much in common (except the perfect pitch thing ... ;) ). They are so sweet at this age, still innocent, but starting to develop in so many different ways. I love and hate it all at the same time!

  20. Oh how cute! I'm glad she is enjoying Michigan so much. And I'm really impressed that she made deviled eggs by herself. I certainly never have!

  21. That was a beautiful tribute to Bria. What a truly fantastic daughter you have. That is so neat that she (at her age) loves to cook, reads cookbooks, and is not afraid of trying. I am so happy to hear that she is really happy living in Michigan. Happy Birthday Bria. Please tell her for me!

  22. Oh Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

    It really does go fast, doesn't it? I know mine will be nine before I know it. Ugh...

    Beautiful photos! (of course, they're from YOU) ;)

  23. I feel like I know her now. Happy Birthday Bria (I still like Strawberry Shortcake ;-) It is strange how certain places feel like home, and others do not. I just try to think of Marjorie Hinkley saying "blossom where you are planted" I am glad you and your young ladies found a great place to blossom.

  24. What a jewel she is! So talented, so thoughtful. She is exactly what I hope to have one day in a daughter. You're so blessed to have her, and she to have you for her mom! Congratulations to her on her birthday, and to you for your wonderful girls!

  25. P.S. Deviled eggs, Harry Potter, and Roald Dahl rock. That girl has some seriously good taste.

  26. This may sound really weird, but OH how Bria reminds me of myself around that age....I'm especially happy to hear that she loves Roald Dahl. We're pretty crazy about it, ourselves. :)

  27. Yummmmmm, confetti frosting. Happy Birthday Bria! Ellie gave up Junie B., but luckily only for the Fairy books (blech). I don't know if I could handle Harry Potter yet!

  28. Happy Birthday! What a great girl! It's crazy, but fun to watch your kids grow up. Kelley's only a few years away from that "young ladyhood"...sigh....

  29. I just have to say that Barbies are timeless. I think i was in Junior High when i finally stopped playing, and that's propbably becasue i ran out of time for them! I would play with them now if i could!!