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Friday, November 13, 2009

An Unfortunate Name

Photoshop is giving me all sorts of issues, or I would be sharing pictures instead.  I went to bed at 1:00 am after trying to edit three pictures for about four hours.  Yes.  I am stupid.  I should have just given up, but I did get a couple of pictures edited.  Sort of.


I think I may need to ask for a new computer for Christmas.

Anyway.  I have this notebook.  And in it are lots of ideas for blog posts.  I have a ton that I haven't gotten around to writing yet.  Mostly because the ideas don't strike me as all that wonderful anymore.  A few would just take way too much time to actually compose, and a few others are just random things the kids have said that I'd like to remember.

So here's a Chloe-ism for this Friday morning in which I am exhausted and got up late and have no pictures to share anyway.

A few months ago my kids got the movie Sinbad.  They watched it a bunch for a while, as they usually do when they get a new DVD.

One night at dinner Chloe said, "Sinbad isn't a good name, is it?.  Because 'sin' and 'bad' are in it!"

Joel countered that it actually was a good name.  Because sin is bad. 

A reminder, so to speak.


  1. I never thought of it Joels way, but I have shared Chloes sentiments. Too funny!

  2. Well, Singood just does not have the same ring.

  3. That is so cute! I love how she associated the two words. I never would have done that as a child.

  4. Is Sinbad a movie?
    Who knew?
    Way to turn it around Joel!

  5. Oooh . . . Joel was getting all philosophical on her. :)

  6. Very funny ... I love the way kids' minds work! And good wisdom from the dad!

    Now, go take a nap!

  7. Tell Joel, still who would want that for a name even if it is a good reminder.

  8. Joel is always looking for the good.

  9. That Joel is quick on the trigger- good response!

  10. My son would tell me that this is an example of a compound word. Oh, I love the word-nerdery at my house.

  11. I used to be better at stockpiling post ideas. I should do that again so that at 11 pm each night I don't just end up staring at the screen.

    And I love the Sinbad dissection. Totally something we would do at my house!

  12. Our family tradition has been to collect our family quotes throughout the year and then compile them (w/ a pict) into our Christmas newsletter. It's easy and always brings lots of laughs.

    Sinbad...sin and bad...never thought if it that way! Clever girl Chloe!

  13. Wish I were as quick as Joel! And Chloe for that matter!