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Friday, December 18, 2009

Lara is...

  • relieved to have all but one of her Christmas Cards sent out.  (Still waiting on an address.)
  • unhappy with the print job on aforementioned cards.  (Oh well.)
  • eating Christmas goodies.  (Totally going off sugar on December 26.  For good. Really.  Forever.)
  • wishing the kids had a longer Christmas break. (First day off is Christmas Eve.  They go back on January 4th.)
  • dreading cleaning the kitchen. (All that Christmas baking yesterday, you know.)
  • loving the gorgeous weather today. (Temperatures actually above freezing and the sun is shining!)
  • finishing some sewing projects today.  (Maybe.)
  • mailing packages tomorrow.  (Definitely.)
  • excited for Christmas morning. (Joel always manages to surprise me in a good way.)
  • bugged that the new planner I just bought is missing January-April. (I'd gladly skip them, but I'm not quite that powerful. I guess I'll just have to exchange it.)
  • done with voice lessons until January. (Thank goodness.)
  • learning a new aria for Joel's February concert. (I love that he's using me, but am a little terrified at how little time I have to practice for this one.)
  • blogging later and later every day. (But that doesn't really mean I'm getting anything else done.)
  • going to clean the kitchen now.  (Wish me luck.)


  1. Good luck! I just need a vacation.

  2. Good luck. I guess I should go clean mine too.

  3. Sheesh! Their last day is Dec. 23? That's brutal. It's also my birthday, and never, not once, in my entire life, have I had to go to school on my birthday. Or gotten to. Depending on how much you like school.

    (But, seriously, I could use the few extra days of little boys occupied by school to finish Christmas prep. Today was their last day, but we're having a blizzard and they canceled school. And daddy's work. So, yeah, snow days are FANTASTIC.)

  4. I'm with InkMom - I think kids (and moms) deserve a longer Christmas break!! My boy started his break today. Which probably means I should get off the computer and play another round of Candy Land... :)

  5. My kids have the same amount of time off of school. Every year it's the same. The west coast just does longer Christmas breaks for some reason.

    I didn't get around to doing Christmas cards this year. I just couldn't add one more thing. Hopefully next year.

  6. All told, it sounds like you're having a good day! That "time off" thing is a two-edged sword. Mine haven't always handled it very well, and I've often found myself feeling guilty for really wishing they had LESS of it!

    (What aria are you doing? Cuz you could always do "Gia'il Sole...")

  7. Good luck with the kitchen cleaning. I hope you are enjoying this great time of the year. I hope to get Christmas cards out but I haven't felt like even having Christmas without my AJ bear. It has been hard but such and awesome thing for him.

  8. My kids have that exact same length of Christmas Break. I wish it were longer too. =[

    Hope you have the Merriest of Christmases!

  9. Will you post another performance video so we can see the aria?

    And also-when you go off sugar, can I join you? Except I'm not starting till Jan. 1---most of our parties come after Christmas.

  10. ...and I'm dreading that my daughter's preschool break is so long. We both like school! If dad takes time off, though, it will be much more fun! I'm impressed by your list! You've accomplished alot!

  11. Wow. You still have a planner?
    I'm all about my phone. It has EVERYTHING.
    You're totally on top of things.

  12. It's such a wonderful, but BUSY time of year isn't it? I need to get cracking on neighbor gifts. Like now.

  13. Yeah, I did some cleaning last night: mopping, bathrooms, the biz. But I'm on the flip side of the Christmas cards & gifts, still need to bag/wrap/mail/send. Gah!

  14. Christmas cards? What the heck are those?

  15. What a lovely list albeit it gives me a little guilt. Kitchen cleaning, and baking and then cleaning again need to be done. Buying, wrapping and hiding gifts needs to be done. Decorating the tree needs to be done. Mailing out cards needs to be done... what can I say, i am a procrastinator.

  16. Hey Lara, thanks for your response.. Is there a website where you can locate a suzuki teacher in our area? I remember seeing one but i cant remember what it is. Yeah, Kayleigh actually asked Santa for a Violin! :) Kinda funny.. Well i wanna wish you a MERRY Christmas! Take care

  17. I will go off sugar with you! I actually made it 15 straight days just before Thanksgiving. Felt great and wish I still was sugar-free. But oh well, that's what sugar addicts like me always say...

  18. Quite the "to do" list. Good luck!!!

  19. My kids too - they actully have school on Thursday. It's been sort of nice though, in a way, because my last day was Friday and I'm getting a lot of errands done.