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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happiness is...

  • Watching a woman in the airport meet her baby granddaughter for the very first time. (Yes, I cried.)
  • Chloe asking to listen to my iPod, and requesting specific opera arias. (I've taught her well.)
  • Bria playing a violin recital beautifully and without bribery. (You have no idea how proud I am.)
  • Having fresh flowers in my dining room. (And I thought I didn't like getting flowers!)
  • A few days of gorgeous, sunny weather. (Take that, winter!)
  • Getting real cards and packages in the mail, instead of just bills and junk. (So what if it's a package I ordered off the internet?)
  • Sophia's spunk and sass. (Even though it's often aggravating, too.)
  • Singing I am a Child of God to my youngest daughter, who actually likes me to sing to her. (Bria and Chloe used to burst into tears if I sang that song to them.)
  • Taking the time to cuddle up with sick Chloe and watch Napoleon Dynamite together. (My kids love that film.)(I have mixed feelings.)
  • Having our taxes finished.  (Finally.)
  • Seeing my eldest daughter grow up into a beautiful and responsible young lady. (Even though I'm mourning the child she's leaving behind.)
  • A big bear hug from my husband.  (Speaks for itself, don't you think?)
What makes you happy today?


  1. My "baby" was up at 6, and I just held him and rocked him till he fell asleep again. Then I slept beside him. It made me very happy.

  2. Those are so great. Although the kids growing up thing is really tough and I know what you mean about mourning! But it's amazing to see the "people" they are becoming. I think something that makes me happy right now is looking forward to Spring Break and taking a little trip with my family. I love having something to look forward to!

  3. I love that Sophia loves you to sing to her. And can I just say how wonderfully graceful you are about Bria growing up. You're such a good mommy.

  4. This post made me happy! Those are great thoughts. I'm at a stake youth activity watching kids act out old testament stories with gusto and a feeling of good fellowship. That makes me happy, too.

  5. Today I am happy for $260 left in our grocery envelope - AFTER we bought everything on our list. For date night. For kids that have great imaginations. For monetary blessings that come from being faithful. For talents. And for a loving, wonderful family.

    And especially for friends that remind me to look for the happiness in my own life. Love your post today!

  6. Did you get an awesome tax return?

  7. Losing my voice. I know that sounds weird (especially to a professional singer like yourself) but I am getting a kick out of how I sound. Or rather, don't sound:)

  8. What a great happy list!

    Today was awesome with my own granddaughter. I am amazed at how much my heart grows just looking at her!

  9. Singing and recording some musical posts with a young woman from the neighboring ward. So fun.

  10. Great list. I sit and watch my daughter do things when she doesn't know I'm watching. Seeing her be such a big girl makes me happy.

  11. ...reading a wonderful list from a great blogger who reminds me of my blessings.

    ...snuggling with my little boy while watching my daughter run wild.

    ...enjoying a delightful Cafe Rio salad with my husband.

  12. First bullet point: Pass the kleenex, I'd be cryin' too.

    And Ipods, they are starting to appear on my children's radars, what's a mom to do?!

    Sunny weather, yes please!

    Our taxes are nearly done, thanks to Mr. Wellborn (I owe him big time, maybe he'll take payment in bear hugs).

  13. Sunny weather, my first kiss from my baby boy, knowing families are forever.!!!!

  14. Being needed by your children. That just swells my insides with joy. I love your happy list.

  15. Today, it was listening to the Primary kids sing "I am a child of God" to me as my last day....Oh, it was heavenly.

    Can't wait to see you guys this week!!

  16. I got bright yellow shoes yesterday. That cheered me immeasurably.

  17. I know what you mean about teaching them well. Christian loves the Ramones and Depeche Mode. :-)