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Monday, February 08, 2010


I am really good at getting caught up in life and forgetting about what's most important.  Sometimes I have the attitude that my children, my scriptures, my prayers, my husband will always be there....I need to worry about all of these other things first.

So many things to worry about.

How to pay the bills.
My weight.
Getting the house clean.
Making valentines for the girls' V-day exchange at school.
My volunteer hours for the preschool carnival.
Memorizing my arias for the concert in 2 weeks.
Singing an A#.
Preparing voice lessons.
Why I haven't received the book I'm supposed to review yet.
Decorating the house.
Getting all the laundry and dishes done.
Finding time to exercise.

And much, much more.

Of course, my children and husband and church duties are on that list, too.  It just seems that all too often they are pushed down to the very end, when they should always be right at the very top.

My mom recently pointed me to a blog of a family her friend knows.  Their youngest son had an accident and is now in Primary Children's Hospital fighting for his life.  I've been reading it and I feel like my eyes have been opened and I am trying to shift my priorities back to the way they should be.

This post especially had me realizing just how important it is.  Sure, the things on my list are "important," but they aren't as important as my babies.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day.  I am off to cuddle with Sophia for a while before I face all of my other worries.


  1. I always need a good dose of perspective to keep me healthy.

  2. A friend of mine showed me that blog on Friday. Man--it really hit home to me and opened my eyes NICE and BIG. Thanks for sharing Lara.

  3. I always feel that way after reading NieNie. Perspective is a very good thing.

    p.s. right now, my son is saying, "I'm waiting. I'm waiting. I'm waiting." I told him I'd play catch with him when I was done on the computer. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  4. I just stayed up late last night reading through all the posts. So very tragic, and something that I could really see myself doing, sadly. What a terrible way to be reminded. :(

  5. Ah perspective. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thanks for sharing - I am off to cuddle my boys!!!

  7. I've been following that blog to...

    I too have been touched and grateful for her reminders about what is really important. It's so easy to get wrapped up in "life" sometimes that we forget what it's really all about...

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. We know several close relatives of the Nevada missionary who died with his companion in Romania. Yeah, it's been a week of perspective.

    Thanks, Lara. I'm going to go read that post.

  9. It's hard, it's not like you can let the other stuff slide -- bills have to be paid, etc.
    Everything in appropriate proportions. :)

  10. Great post. Glad you went to cuddle with Sophia.

  11. I"ve been following her blog for a while and it's just so sad!!!

  12. I love the gentle reminders our children give us that we ought to spend more time with them. I am not too fond of the big reminders the Lord gives us to help re-prioritize our lives. Thank you for your gentle reminder and the little bit of added perspective.

  13. My very first thought was, "An A#? Wow."

    But after getting past that, I know what you mean. My husband sometimes says, "I feel like I'm at the bottom of your list." Ouch. Definitely time to re-prioritize!

  14. We are such a distracted people! I believe Heavenly Father allows things to happen for all of our sake. To learn to feel, to serve, to love and to have compassion that gets lost in the day to day stuff. Just like the Haiti earthquake, He is asking us to give, to help, to serve our brother, and most importantly to turn to Him and rely on Him!! WOnderful reminders we all need!! Love you dear!

  15. I had a similar shift in perspective after reading about that poor sweet boy and his loving family. It made me realize how blessed we really are, and how much I have to be happy about.

  16. That is so sad-I can't imagine & hope not to ever have to.

    In your defense, I think we all get out of balance at times. Life is so full of "stuff" we have to do, but it's always good to keep the most important things in perspective.

  17. I agree with you more than you know. This must be going around. Great post. Make sure to love every minute of those babies.

  18. I've been feeling like this a lot lately too. I've been letting some stuff slide just so I can cuddle with my dudes and read. Right now, I can't see past them and I feel good about it.

  19. Great reminder, family is so important.

    We just came back from a weekend with family in Utah. My niece was sealed in the Manti temple to her sweetheart. The sealer discussed with us the difference between our eternal roles (parents, husband/wife) and our short term callings. We need to balance the two.

    That put things into perspective for me in a way that they hadn't been before.

    And today after school, I sat and snuggled with my kids, cradling them (all 2, 6, & 8 yrs old arms & legs) in my lap. Nothing is more important to me than them.

  20. The organic nature of living means things are shifting and changing all the time. Our priorities are like living things that need to be remembered and fed and looked after.

    We ALL have to constantly reevaluate. You are doing great.

  21. P.S. I have an award for you

  22. Lovely post. It reminded me of the talk "Good, Better, Best" I was just talking to a friend today about giving the world my best self and my family sometimes ending up with the crumbs when I'm tired, or sad, or cranky...
    Thanks for sharing. I will have to check out that post!

  23. My worry list has lengthened recently and I was just thinking this morning about how I seem to be fresh out of perspective myself! Ugh. (((hugs)))

  24. Ditto. So true. Today I let everything go and sat down w/ my sons and did Valentine's and played w/ them a bit. When they said their prayers, the oldest one went on and on about it and how much it meant to him. All our kids want is our time and love and really that is all that matters :)

  25. must be the never-ending balancing act of motherhood! it can get really overwhelming. those little eye-opening reminders sure help us get our priorities back in line, don't they? i'm always grateful for those!

  26. With five children I often find myself falling short of where I feel everything in my life should be. My house is always messier than I'd like, I'm not able to meet my goals as quickly as I'd like, I read my scriptures daily but not for as long as I should... etc. If things aren't done while my third is at kindergarten then there is little chance of it getting done because homework and various other things start to come into play once he's out. As much as this frustrates me, I also have to remind myself daily that the most important things on my list are my husband and children. One day my house will be clean, but I have a feeling I will miss the chaos because with the chaos comes the joy of five beautiful children.

  27. Pretty much amen to that.

    Except the A# and vocal lessons parts.

    Replace em with my little writing gig. :)