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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did I Mention She Was Accident Prone?

Yesterday I hit a parenting milestone.

I took a child to the ER to get stitches.  Now, sure, I've been there (or the urgent care) for broken bones, pneumonia, ear infections, nasty bumps to the head and other such things.  But so far I've avoided the stitches, for which I was glad.

But, I have Sophia for a daughter.  It was inevitable that she get stitches at some point.

Yesterday, I got home from teaching lessons, and I wanted to finish my book because I only had two chapters left and it was pretty good.  Plus, I was tired.  So, I got my book and got in bed to finish reading it.  After I finished, I planned to clean up and get lunch for the girls (we're on spring break, so everyone is home).

Sophia came in for a minute and asked me something, then bounded out of the room.  At least, she started to bound out of the room, but she tripped and fell and hit her head on (I assume) the dresser.  The way I was sitting on the bed didn't allow me to see exactly how she fell or what she hit.  The wailing started and she came back around for a hug.

Then I asked her where it hurt, and she told me it was her ear.  So I went to examine it, and I found quite a bit of blood.


It looked like someone had actually taken scissors and cut her earlobe, that's how clean the cut was.  I cannot fathom how she managed to do it.  It was extremely gross, and aren't you glad I'm telling you all about it?  Just be happy I'm not including pictures.

Seriously, I do much better with broken bones.

Joel had just taken the car to work, and was in staff meeting.  I tried calling him a few times, but finally texted him.  The message was no more intelligible this time than my texts usually are and it said:

Come good now!
Sophia offers stitches.

He finally called back, on his way home, and we hauled everyone to the Emergency Room.  I worried the entire drive that there would be a raised eyebrow or two, considering her face hasn't yet healed from the last incident.  Fortunately, that wasn't the case, although they did ask.

Sophia was a trooper.  She didn't cry at all while the doctor numbed her ear with the syringe (ears don't take to numbing gel, apparently) and the only sound she made was to tell the doctor that he was hurting her ear as he stitched her up.  She got a cute little stuffed moose for her bravery and she lived happily ever after.

Until the next time she hurts herself, anyway.


  1. Ooo, you're brave. I'd take stitches over a broken bone any time. Arms and legs are supposed to point in certain directions, and when they don't, I get woozy!

  2. I'm sorry. Going to the ER is always horrible.
    I had two kids get stitches last summer.
    Good times.

  3. So sad for Sophia! We've had stitches twice around here. I don't love the blood. Yuck.

    But your texts crack me up.

  4. The cost of the ER...ugh. I'm glad she was okay during the process.

    When we had been living in Iowa for four whole days, we had to take Aidan to the Urgent Care for a huge (and very scary) bump on his head. Then, six days later, he pulled his elbow out of joint and we had to take him AGAIN to Urgent Care. I was really worried about how they would act, but thankfully, they were okay.

  5. Going to the ER to get stitches as a little girl has to be the most traumatic event of my life. I only needed 3. Good thing she's braver than I am:)

    I think I've sent at least a dozen texts to people saying, "I'm going good. Call you when I get there."

  6. I love the text! That is so me!! Sadie got her first stitches when she was a year a half. So I totally understand. That girl is a disaster.

  7. The text is hysterical! It's something Splenda would have sent me.

    You would think with the 3 boys I would have had a lot more ER visits, but we got off the hook fairly easily.

    Poor Sophia!

  8. Still laughing about the text ... poor little dear! I am sporting stitches now, too and I haven't had them since I was 3! So maybe she'll have a good long run after this!

  9. Poor little Sophia. Evan is a little accident prone too, which is why he never leaves the house without his army helmet.

  10. That text is SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry about Sophia's ear. And you were NICE not to post pictures! I posted them when my boy got 27 stitches in his forehead and I could practically see his brain! But then again I did an entire post on squirrel road kill, so I'm not exactly discriminating...

  11. Thanks for the laugh- I needed it. I'm in the hospital with my baby son, and it's never a fun place to be.

  12. Oh the joys of motherhood....so glad I am past the motherhood...oh did I mention it never stops even when they are like 33, 36, and 39! Thanks for the smiles today!

  13. Stitches on your own is never fun!

  14. I was actually hoping for pictures. Maybe stitched up pictures would be good. She was probably trying to copy her sisters-they have earrings, she has stitches. :)

  15. I hate stiches. I know how she did it. She hit it hard and it split. Do you want to know how I know that?

    I used to babysit a little girl who did the same thing. She fell and hit her head on the bunk bed frame and her eyebrow split wide open.

    It was pretty embarrassing to have to call her parents and tell them that she needed stitches.

  16. Oh my! From the first sentence of your post, somehow I knew it would be little Sophie.

    Poor thing, but what a champ. Gabriel screamed through his whole er visit. Screamed.

  17. Oh, I feel your pain. my 4 year old is accident prone and has the forehead to prove it. He has scars from at least 3 different accidents on it. Good luck!

  18. poor sophia! it does sound like a NASTY injury! (made my stomach curl)

    her injury stories remind me of my youngest sister. by age 5, she had had stitches at least that many times! - the crazy thing was, she wasn't any more rambunctious (sp?) than your average toddler or preschooler. she was actually really mild-mannered and calm. ironically, she just happened to be the one with all the injuries.

    i'm surprised for all of laci's hyperactivity that she hasn't needed stitches yet. (knock on wood...)

  19. Soooo many stitches around here. We could have made a quilt.

    Good luck to your little one.

  20. Oh, I hate kids having to get stitches and the ER. I'm pretty sure that's a good part of what hell is.

  21. Oof, poor Sophia. Hopefully by now it's healing nicely, and she'll have her stitches out soon. Sigh.