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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Even More Sappiness and Love for Father's Day

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

We had a lovely day filled with church, guitar popsicles, taco salad, opera rehearsal, grilled brownies and even Joel's famous chocolate chip cookies.

Bria and I bought the little guitar ice cube set on Mackinac Island, and that was Joel's fanciest gift this year. Also, his only gift.  And, it kind of looks like it might have been more for the girls anyway.




The girls and I, along with my friend MaryFran and her 3 daughters, made these adorable grill brownies out of Family Fun Magazine. I cannot find an online link to them, but they were super easy to make.  We used caramels for the steaks, hot tamales for the hot dogs, and gummy candies for the kebabs. Then we just piped black frosting on the brownies for the grill and used a toothpick to put grill marks on the candies. We used orange colored sugar as a final detail. SO MUCH FUN! The girls did most of the work, and they turned out super cute, dontcha think?

Brownie grills

It was the best we could do since Joel wanted an actual grill for his birthday/Father's Day more than anything. Maybe next year.  For now, these sufficed.  :)

I know all you in blogland have probably had enough of the sappiness for Joel this week.  But, indulge me one more time in saying that he is an awesome father, and I am so thankful for him.  The girls love him to pieces and think he is the greatest thing since lemon-ice guitar popsicles.

And I can't write a Father's Day post without mentioning my own dad.  I am very thankful for him, too.  

Grandpa and Bria

Thanks, Dad, for raising me well.  For being such a wonderful Grandpa to the girls.  For fixing everything that ever breaks in my house, even if you live across the country.  Most recently for diagnosing the reason my dryer wasn't working over text message while you were out to eat or something.  For singing Jambalaya every time you do the dishes.  For having a corny sense of humor that always makes me smile.  For loving and serving the Lord. For teaching me how to work hard because of your own hard-working example.

I love you!


  1. I saw those ice cube sets when I was planning a rock star themed baby shower. SO fun!

  2. I haven't been around for a while, but its not because I don't love you. The picture of your husband and the girls is fantastic- I love it! And the guitar ice cube molds made me super jealous.

  3. Hi Lara. What a great wife you are, to do things for Joel. You know what Greg got today? A sick wife and daughter. Well, about a month ago he was able to go to a Little River Band concert in Wendover. That happens to be his favorite group. (Thankfully the tickets were only $10) We can really relate to wanting a grill, though. Keep up the great work!--Amanda B.

  4. ok, im in love with the guitar ice. and the cupcakes, loving those too. glad you had a great day! you are too cool for school. :)

  5. Are you blessed, or what?? :)

  6. Never seen fancy guitar popsicles before. They are sweet!

    Love your family picts. Can't get over how alike all of your family is. I see the similarities, especially in the smiling eyes. You are one lucky mama/wife/daughter.

    PS: The grill brownies? Magnificent!

  7. Lots of love on this blog. :)
    LOVE those cupcakes.

  8. Oh cool! LOVE your pictures!! And suddenly I'm really hungry! :D

  9. You guys know how to celebrate Father's Day!! It is such a blessing to see evidence of happy families. You know?

  10. We just bought a popsicle set too, but nothing so fancy as guitars.

    And I sing Jambalaya all the time, especially when I'm actually making it.

  11. Great post! Those brownies are really cool! The grill marks look real.

  12. What a gorgeous Father's Day. Love those cupcakes and popsicles..:)

  13. Those are cool popsicles. I LOVE Family Fun. They give me all my best ideas, those brownies are awesome!

    Happy Father's Day.

  14. Those cupcakes are darling! And if you can't give him the grill this year, it's the next best thing.

  15. I am going to have to make those cupcakes! Too cute...and boy does our daughter look like her daddy!

  16. I loved being able to talk to Joel on Father's Day (since his birthday was a bust). He's one of the best Father's I know.

  17. Cute guitar pops! Even though it's belated, here's to fantastic dads everywhere.