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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Daddy, With Love
Part 3

Here is Bria's video about her Daddy. (Sorry about her hair...we did it right before bedtime and she hadn't brushed it yet after taking her bath.)(At least she's clean!)

Sophia is sitting to her side whispering answers here and there, which adds an element of slight confusion.  :)

Bria talks about Daddy from Lara Neves on Vimeo.

PS:  After we were done with it, I told her what "obnoxious" means and she felt really, really bad.  She is sure her father was never an obnoxious child and wants him to know that.


  1. These are so sweet to do for Daddy.

    Special year for Joel!
    2 years ago, Hank's B-day & Father's Day were back to back...but, I also just got out of the hospital from that surgery, so it wasn't an exciting weekend for him.

  2. Those are some really cute videos. I am sure Joel will be very happy when he see's these. Excellent idea. You are such a wonderful Mom!

  3. Cute. Too bad she wouldn't sing--I bet with her DNA, it would sound great.