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Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Rocking the Schedule
(for now)

Last summer, when I was stressed to the gills with packing up my house, buying another one across the country, and everything in between, I was trying to do this Project Walking Into a Hug thing.

It went really well for a couple weeks, and then it said that I had to have a schedule.

A schedule.

And, basically, I freaked out and never opened the book again.  And I especially did not start any sort of schedule.

Because I just don't do schedules.  Especially when I'm getting ready to uproot my family and move 2,000 miles away. 

But, I knew that this summer needed to be different.  The first two weeks were filled with Joel or me being out of town, so the kids just kind of did whatever.  And I hated it.  So I decided that the dreaded schedule was necessary.

We're on week 2 now. And so far, so good.  The kids are happier.  I'm happier.  The house is cleaner.  And things are getting done while still leaving us plenty of time for fun, too.

So, here's the lowdown:


Workbooks (math, writing, music theory)

Practicing/Chores (the kid who is not practicing works on chores and vice versa)

Family Reading Time (This is new this week.  I found that having them read on their own time wasn't necessarily working.  So now we all read together.  In the same room.)


Free Time (Most of the lessons I teach are scheduled within this block of time)

Special Activity (Library, letterboxing, beach, etc.  It depends on the weather much of the time.  And it has to be free.)

Other than a few meltdowns about math, things are going pretty well.  Hopefully, I won't get mad about it by next week and can stick this out for the summer.

In other news, my own schedule is a bit full.  I've tried to keep the mornings free so I can work with the kids, but I am teaching 9 lessons each week, having opera rehearsals 3x a week (we open on July 13), still trying to memorize the words to a couple of the choruses, and doing the family activities every afternoon.  So blogging isn't even close to a priority right now.  I had high hopes for my blog this summer, but it's not going to happen.  And getting around to all of your wonderful blogs isn't happening much either.  Just a byproduct of summer, I guess.

Happy Monday!


  1. Blogs aren't as important as the time you are spending with your family. They need you. Your schedule sounds great - and I love that you have a special activity every day. Hang in there and enjoy your summer!

  2. You never cease to amaze me, Lara. And no worries about the blog thing. We all power down a bit when our kids are home. Even me, with all these extra-large grownup kids kicking around - I don't spend as much time on the internet as I do when they're all at school.

    You've got the right priorities! Enjoy your summer, and good luck on your opening!

  3. I think most people really take a step back with blogging, during the summer. You know what is important right now.

  4. welcome to the dark side. :)

  5. When I was raising you kids, there was not a blog in sight. I actually got lots more done without all this electronic stuff around. It seems I'm less productive with it. LOL. So no worries, I really love happy daughter, happy grandchildren!!

  6. I've never tried scheduling with my kids but I've been thinking for a while now that I should.

    And like everyone is saying, eh, blogging is awesome, but not as much as family. I've still been writing a lot but hardly reading.

    Something had to give, ya know?

  7. OK, so I just thought it was funny that, though also not a schedule person, I've started one for our break as well. AND... it looks almost exactly like yours. We've only been doing it for 1 week, but I like it so far. We'll see what happens when they have their last 4 weeks of school in a couple weeks.

  8. Look at you go and put your priorities in the right place.

    Good on ya!

  9. I love schedules, especially when they're on my iPad. :). I actually find that I get more done if I have a schedule and a goal for each day. Otherwise, I just putter around and wind up not getting much done. Of course, down time is also good for fostering daydreaming and creativity. Sometimes I feel too busy buzzing around to think creatively.

  10. YOU WON! YOU WON! You lucky duck! Send me an email!

  11. I haven't lost hope in adopting a schedule, thanks for the motivation!!!

  12. I had a similar epiphany a few weeks ago. I hate schedules, buy my kids do so much better when they know whats coming next. School gets out on Friday (FINALLY!) and then we're off. Wish me luck!

  13. I love schedules. Not having one gives me anxiety. Yours sounds great-so glad it's working!

  14. Rock it, girl! (which sounds stupid coming from me. It would be as natural for me to call you Rocket Girl. I'm just not hip in that way)

    We are on our second day of summer and have a very good schedule. Very similar to yours, actually! It's nice to have a clean house and have kids that know what to expect, and what is expected of them, throughout the day!

    Good luck to you (and me!) sticking to yours (and mine)!!

  15. I love it that music theory is on the same level as writing and math! Awesome. I am terrible at theory and hate it and so I hope your girls will grow up to be theory whizzes who don't have to hide their ignorance/paranoia of theory!

  16. Your schedule for the kids sounds great. Ours went well for the first week or so, then vacation happened, and we've been lazy. Need to be back to the grindstone. :)

  17. I've found summer schedules work very well for me, but I am a chronic list maker/ chart designer/ scheduler.

    I'm finding it hard to find time in the blogosphere, too, but it is because I'm enjoying my kids so much so I can't complain!

  18. I love the family reading time. That has been a fave around here too. Good luck!

  19. I've started a schedule this week too. The upside is that the house is cleaner and I feel better about my productivity. The bad thing is that I get all uptight when things don't go according to schedule. I have to learn to get over it.

  20. Very Impressive! Just enjoy your summer and only blog when you want to and have the time. I think we can all understand. Good luck with the opera performance.

  21. I'm impressed! I'm not a schedule kind of person. They give me anxiety, but I know I should be better about it. Have fun and enjoy what sounds like an awesome summer!

  22. I'm knowin' the busy summer thing, too. How long has it been since I've been here? (Too long!)
    And I think I am going to have to do the schedule thing, too. And a chore chart. I'm getting right on it...

  23. I could probably use a schedule, too, but as a homeschooler, I've just been taking it easy since we finished and not worrying about a schedule. Even now on vacation away from home, I'm thinking I should probably make a schedule because my husband is getting on my case about setting up activities and planning things to do. I like your idea of the special activity(and the having to be free part, especially). And the family reading part. My kids got books from the library the other day, and I've been making them do some reading, but I haven't picked up anything to read myself. I should be a better example!

    My blog is also floundering this summer, but that's probably a good thing. ;)

  24. You are such an inspiration! I keep trying to get on a schedule (and now I'm really starting to need one!), but it's hard to stick to what I come up with. Well, that's probably because my schedules are totally unrealistic, but still. Any advice?