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Saturday, July 03, 2010

And the Livin' is Easy

Wintertime may be something of a drag around here, but summertime is pretty wonderful.

It's been really hot (92 degrees-ish) again, and so we headed to the beach yesterday to escape our non-air-conditioned fate.

Joel mentioned how cool it is to have so many beaches so close, and that we've never had that before.  I said, well, there was always Utah Lake.  And then he clarified that we have never had a non-toxic beach so close before.  And to that, I say, Touche. (Complete with a little accent thingy that I am too lazy to figure out how to do.)

And because I remembered to bring my camera, and really have no time to write a decent entry (editing photos is so much faster), here are some pictures.  And perhaps a little commentary.  But really, the photos speak for themselves.

No Frisbees allowed

(No worries--we only brought tennis balls.)

Sand Castle Beginnings

Sand Crabs



I am in love with this picture of the three of them on the beach.  The only flaw is that somebody else's kids are in it, too.  I waited and waited, but they never left and then the moment was gone.  So this one will have to do.  I am still in love with it, though.

My girls in the sun

Proof that I was at the beach, too.  My far-from-beautiful feet.  Joel was also there.  But the only picture I really took of him was ruined by a group of scantily clad sunbathers.  Didn't really think it would be appropriate to post here.

I was there too

Happy July 4th!!!


  1. It's almost like you live in CA... I bet the water's warmer then here...

  2. Wow, Sophia's hair is getting so long! Looks like fun!

  3. I love beach days! They are the best! We're in Rhode Island for the weekend, so we're doing the beach tomorrow.

    Great photos! Your girls are adorable. I love, love, love when I can get a good beach photo because it's not always easy.

  4. Good times! I especially like the sparkly water shot. Very cool (physically cool too!)

  5. The one of the girls is priceless.


  6. Will you just look at Sophies hair! It is so long now, and those curls are to die for! So cute! I love the fact that you have a sandy beach that has dark sand. I forget sometimes that there is dark earth everywhere but the desert :-) It looks like you guys are having so much fun in your new hometown. I wish there was water somewhere near us, I would welcome it if it were just even falling from the sky!

  7. Great photos! I miss living near water...

  8. How fun! It is so hot here right now - I would love to be on a beach. I'd want to throw something though:)

  9. One beach we love up there is Brunette Park on the "East Coast" side of the Keweenaw. It has the coolest rock scape to walk along and explore and goes far into the water too with a shelf to jump off of (we finally dared do it over the last few years). Also has great sandy areas. We just drive till we find it, but I just googled it and you should be able to find it.

  10. I wonder why you can't play baseball, football, or frisbee at that beach. Great pictures.

  11. Your girls are getting so big!

    P.S- Photoshop those other kids out!

  12. Utah Lake = toxic beaches....just about fell off my chair on that one! Joel just has a way of saying things!

  13. I guess I will cancel my openwater swim training at Utah Lake LOL

    It really is disgusting and I wish I had a pretty beach to jaunt to.

  14. You really must hit the Lake Superior beaches later in the summer. Love the public beach in Big Traverse Bay. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. There's a little river there too. Or Betsy Park beach a little further up the way. Or Burnette Park as was previously mentioned.

  15. I am a little jealous you have beaches! We sure did miss you yesterday. There are no little children running around except mine!!!

  16. What a fun time! I love Sophia's life jacket. And that sand looks so dark and fun to play in.

  17. THose pictures are beautiful! I love the way you caught water sparkling. It's really lovely.