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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Captain Woody Boogie and the Pirates of Groove

That's the name of The Maestro's rock band.

Personally, I think it's hilarious.  And I'm not entirely sure who exactly is Captain Woody Boogie and who are The Pirates of Groove.  But whoever they are, they are pretty good.

We've been going to a lot of their gigs this summer.  They mostly do covers of 70's and 80's music, like Mr. Big Stuff, Take On Me, I Will Survive, 25 or 6 to 4, You Sexy Thing, Sweet Caroline and so on and so forth.  Very fun band.  People like them a lot, so they've been very popular.  (And hey!  It supplements our income just a bit, so I'm not complaining.)

I've only had my camera with me at two of the gigs.

These first pictures are from The Art and Music Festival held downtown in June.

The Pirates of Groove

This was the first time the girls had ever seen the band.  And it was really, really loud. It's possible they were temporarily stunned.


This picture makes me particularly happy to see Sophia's crazy, dancing hair at the forefront.

Captain Woody Boogie and the Pirates of Groove

And this is Sophia and her best friend jumping up and down and clapping their hands.  I think the music just inspired it.

Preschool Mosh Pit

These final two are from today up in Copper Harbor.

Captain Woody Boogie

I never thought Joel would ever do something like this, since he is such an orchestra/classical music kind of guy.  But he has really had fun with it.

And so have we!


  1. How fun! Sometimes I daydream about being in a band. But a piano isn't really a band instrument and I refuse to play a keyboard. I think I had a bad experience with one when I was a kid...

  2. Quite a change from the maestro hat, but what a fun thing to do!

  3. Great photos! I adore the name of the band! It sounds spunky and definitely makes me want to dance!

  4. I LOVE the name of their band!

    My good friend is doing something similar with his group. Cover's of 70's mostly, and I love the summertime when we go to their outdoor concerts.

  5. That's fun - looks like a good time. I have missed my husband's gigs this summer - which makes me sad. But hopefully we'll make it to some of the fun. Anyhow - very funny name for the band - it's always fun to get up and dance to "You Sexy Thing"!!! ha ha

  6. How fun! That kind of music is always so great---from eras that everyone knows and appreciates.

  7. How fun! Christopher plays music with his dad, uncle, and cousins and it is so fun to watch. Except he doesn't play his trumpet, just the guitar!!

    Every once in a while he will pull his trumpet out at home and stun our girls too!

  8. That is AWESOME! I'm a sucker for any band with a horn section. And classical music folks make the best rock musicians, too, because they really know what they're doing.

    And now I have "Aah believe in miracles..." in my head. In the best possible way. Go Captain Woody Boogie!

  9. I love the stunned looks on the girls' faces!

  10. That is so fun!!!

    My husband's men's book club named themselves "Men Who Knit and the Doggies That Love Them".

  11. I like your husband's band name as much as I like my husband's eBay screen name: Slappy Hooper. Funny guys.

  12. That is so cool! Good for him! I am glad he is having some fun. It sounds like my kind of band :)

  13. I think that's really neat that he joined a band. What a fun way to spend the summer!

  14. That is the WORST band name I've ever heard.
    Drew has a faculty band that he realy loves.
    Good stuff.

  15. All good BAND names should incite, or provoke. If you want the truth, actually this was the name (though spelled differnetly) of a maritime captain some where on the Great Lakes. The best geo cache is a history book (but you will have to dig deeper for this one).

    I love this site,
    Pirate of GrooVe!