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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Thinker

You may have noticed I've been posting an awful lot of pictures lately.  It's because I have no time to think, and it's a good way to get a bunch of the photos I've been meaning to post onto the blog.  This week I'm actually going to be in three different towns for opera performances, my mom is coming to visit, and I will not be on the computer at all.

Thank heavens for scheduled posting, because that means.....more pictures for you!!!

I know, you are SO excited that you can't even contain yourselves. Don't worry, I would be pretty dang excited, too.

A couple weeks ago, we couldn't find Sophia one morning.  Joel finally spotted her, still in her pajamas and crazy morning hair, sitting on the railing of the front porch quietly staring at the sky.  She did not see us, and so we sat and watched her for a while, wondering what could be going on in that adorable little plaid-hatted head of hers.

And then I got my camera.

Deep Thinker
On the Roof
Her Freaking Cuteness

After she realized I was there, I asked her what she was doing out there.

"I just thinking, Mom."


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cutie. I hate the word precious, but that's what it is. Taking advantage of the beautiful morning for reflection is not really that normal for a little girl (hello, obvious statement!). What a sweetie.

  2. So very sweet. Love that curly hair!

  3. Break a leg with the opera (did ou say it was Traviata?)!

  4. I love her response, and wouldn't you give anything to be in their heads and know what they were thinking for a few minutes?

  5. She's grown so much. But still precious! :)

  6. Love those curly locks! I know chics who pay good $$ & time for curls, including me!! She is lucky blessed!!

  7. She is just adorable. Love that curly hair she has and that hat! You are so blessed with such sweet girls!

  8. I love it when we can watch our kids without them knowing we are watching them. We can learn a lot about them that way.

  9. Her hair is getting so long! She's such a beauty—and probably solving all the world's problems in her little head.