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Thursday, August 05, 2010

No Interesting Title Here

So, I finished my dining room.  It looks awesome, and for now I'm just leaving the paneling alone.  Pictures forthcoming, but I'd like to try and finish making the curtains, first.  (I've had the fabric for almost a year.  Yeah.  Can you say procrastination?)

Sophia is sick.  Last night she was running a high fever, and insisted on snuggling up next to me all night.  Since it was already pretty hot in the house (no A/C, remember?) I didn't get much sleep, having a little heater right next to me.

Sick or not, we still went wild blueberry picking today.  This time I actually got a lot.  I could maybe make some blueberry jam if I knew how.  Instead, we'll probably just do blueberry muffins.  Yum!

Apparently, the northern lights have been on the last several nights.  Couldn't see them from my house, but a lot of friends went out to Lake Superior and saw them.  I think we'll try that tonight.  I have always wanted to see them.  Cross your fingers that we didn't miss the spectacle!

I sang in a benefit concert last week with a bunch of other local artists.  I sang a duet with the university's new choir director, who happens to be a choir friend from way back in the BYU days.  We have loved having him and his wife and kids in town!

Here's a picture from the concert:

And if you want to take a listen, go here.  We sang Tonight from West Side Story.  I also did a solo, but apparently the recording didn't work for part of the first half of the concert, so that didn't record.

Otherwise, we've just been trying to enjoy the summer.  I can't believe it's already August and almost time to think about going back to school!  (We don't go back till after Labor Day.)  Now it's time to make the most of the summer we have left and head to the beach a little more often.

Have a great day!


  1. If you get a box of pectin from the store, there is an insert with recipes. I prefer freezer jam myself. The fruit tastes fresher, and it's way easier.

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished room!

    Enjoy the rest of summer! We are on the countdown and I'm so sad.

  3. The atomic mom is right on about the pectin box. Also, you can use 2/3 peaches with any berry jam recipe to make great jam, and it tastes like the berry and not like the peach! That's if you have to worry about the price of berries, though, and it appears you don't!

    And as usual, you sound gorgeous in your duet. How fun that you got to sing with Jared.

  4. You should get the Ball freezer jam pectin. It only takes 1.5 cups of sugar with 4 cups of crushed fruit (which is way less sugar than most pectin I've found). It's super easy. Crush fruit, mix sugar and pectin, then stir in fruit for a minute or so (obviously follow their directions). But, I highly recommend it. It comes in a package, not a box (out here anyway).

  5. We'll be waiting to see the finished painting. I love rooms once they're done, but I hate doing them!

    I can't open the audio file from the link. It is a .m4a I've been sent those before and don't have the application to make them work. If you know what to do, I'd love to know!

    You looked gorgeous, like usual!

  6. A big "yeah that" to all the freezer jam people above me. I just made some bluberry freezer jam and it was so easy. Plus it tastes like psreading blueberry pie on your toast, and how can that be bad?

  7. Great recording! You are really diving right into your community!

  8. I took conducting from Jared Anderson as an undergrad!

  9. I miss hearing your singing voice every Sunday so badly sometimes. The ward we are in is full of non-musically inclined individuals and some Sundays you can not even hear the words to the hymns. You look great in the picture by the way. I am so glad you are finding so many venues for music performance in your new hometown :-)

  10. It's JARED!!!!!!! I love Jared! We were piano majors together! Please give him my best.

    Also, can't wait to see pictures of the dining room.

  11. I need to go blueberry picking. Every year I forget.

    I saw some pictures of the lights up there and they look awesome!

    My son tried to cuddle up with me the other night and I told him he had to wait until it cooled off. It is just too hot without air right now!

  12. (sigh) my kids have been sick, too. For over a week now. It's a stomach bug that comes and goes. Hopefully it's on it's way out now.

    But the blueberry picking sounds delightful. I can imagine all the delicious jam.

  13. Seven years ago, I made curtains for my living room. (Pre-children.) I pinned them then put them up to make sure the top loops were all the same, etc. They looked great. I left them up.

    Six months ago, I took them back down to finally tack them.

    They're still on my work table in the basement . . . waiting. What's another month when they've been up in my living room, pinned, for the past seven years?!?

  14. You're lovely and so talented, as always!

    And I wish I weren't so behind on blogs lately! I'd have read this sooner. Off to email you our blueberry jam recipe, if it floats your boat.

  15. Darn it, for some reason I can't download the sound file. I love "Tonight"! I'm sure it was wonderful. Congrats on the new room!