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Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer and Spun Sugar

Cotton Candy Face

Every summer, my friend does a big! huge! party! (it's called The Hoo Haa) in her yard.  We got to go to our first Hoo Haa this past Saturday, which was, incidentally, the one year anniversary of our moving here.  So it was obviously for us, right?

Anyway.  This is the party to end all parties.  There are numerous water games and water slides and fun stuff for the kids.  There's croquet and frisbee golf and billiards and pinatas.  There's plenty of food and soda and friends.

And there is a cotton candy machine.

And it turned Sophia purple.  Or maybe it's blue?


No, she did not have three spools of the stuff.  But she did hijack her sisters' before they were quite done.  Just to be as blue as possible and all.

Sophia with spun sugar

I know it feels like I only take pictures of Sophia.  Two reasons for that: 1) Sophia is constantly begging me to take pictures of her.  She's definitely a camera hog and 2) the other girls are off and going and events like these, and I rarely see them.

But I do have photographic proof of their presence this time, and the fact that they ate some cotton candy, too.


Well, cotton candy and snow cones, that is.

Sno Cone

And then I went home and painted Sophia's bedroom a color that is oddly reminiscent of pink cotton candy.  Someday I'll show you. Soon.

Happy Monday!


  1. That is a RAGING party, how nice of her!

  2. Who doesn't love cotton candy and snocones?

  3. That's sweet! (pun intended!). I wish we had a yard big enough to host something like that. And I'm still laughing at the title "hoo hah!"

  4. How awesome! I love having friends who throw big parties. :) And fantastic photos.

  5. I need to make friends with people who throw parties like that:)

  6. The fact that it was called a Hoo-Haa, makes me want to come next year. It sounds almost as good as a Hootenanny! And you know how I feel about those.

  7. The party sounds amazing. I wish someone down here would throw one!

  8. such adorable girls! I actually told my hubby, that when we finally decided to really retire, I want a cotton candy machine and hit all the fairs around the country! LOVE THAT COTTON CANDY!

  9. How fun!!! I am jealous of the cotton candy. I haven't had that forever!

  10. Your Hoo Haa looks like it was a smashing success! Of course, anything with Sno-Cones is in my opinion.

  11. Oh, that Sophia cracks me up!! I blogged about the 20-year old version of her a couple of days ago.

    And your other girls are so cute. Those freckles are to DIE for!

    Great way to wrap up the summer!

  12. These pictures just scream end-of-summer. LOVE them.

  13. Sno-cones + cotton candy = summer. Mmmmm. Any left overs?