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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Winners

According to, where the atmospheric noise chooses the winners, those most deserving of the title Paranoid Parents are:



The Atomic Mom

Congratulations girls!  Get me your info and I'll have the books mailed to you pronto! 

As for me, I'll be buried under a few piles of laundry and dishes today, completely unable to muster up any cleverness for blogging purposes.  Maybe tomorrow.

Happy Midweek!


  1. Thanks, Lara! A cosmic-aligned winning, indeed. :) I didn't mean to comment on your blog twice...did that up my winning chances?! In that case...perhaps I should comment more often. Hope you have a great day today, sweetie!

  2. I am buried, too. I just declared it Super Duper Laundry Day, but you don't pronounce it happily. Happy digging.