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Monday, September 06, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

This morning I found a long lost memory card from my camera.  A bunch of pictures that I had never downloaded, edited, or even seen were on it.  Always something of a treasure.

Amongst the pictures of Sophia's 3rd birthday party, the last greenshow we ever attended in Cedar, and some of our first weeks here in Michigan were these pictures of our drive here.

Until we moved here, I'd never been on a road trip quite that long before.  And definitely not in the Midwest.  In fact, I don't think I'd ever actually seen the Midwest before, aside from the summer I lived in Nauvoo, Illinois.  And let me tell you, there's something enchanting about this area of the country.  I fell instantly in love last summer as we drove through cornfields and wheat fields and all manner of farmland.

Rolling FieldsWindmillsCatching the windSilos

I'm not even sure anymore which state these pictures were taken in.  From the dates, it's either Nebraska, Iowa, or Minnesota.  I'm pretty sure the windmills are in Iowa.  No real idea about any of the others.

All I know is that this city girl has fallen in love with the country.

(But I'm still happy to live in the "city"--small as it is.)


  1. The best kind of treasure! And I have never been in the midwest either, but I am a country girl through and through, and long for the actual country! Those photos just make me happy.

  2. There is something beautiful about the midwest in the summer. In the winter though...those fields are brown...the trees are brown and there's nothing to see for 6 months. The wind blows side ways and it can be dreary. We lived there for almost 11 years. I found myself giddy when it would start turning green every year.

  3. Is Missouri considered the midwest?

    I want to take a roadtrip next summer to Missouri, to see Adam's family. I've never been through many of those states.

  4. Glad you found your memory card! I've always loved driving through the mid west. Lovely place.

  5. Finding a memory card is as exciting as finding a 20 in your coat pocket from last winter!!

    I live the midwest. Don't think I could live there, but it's beautiful to travel through!

  6. How fun to find a lost memory card!

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Uh....if I found an old memory card, my pictures would not be of that calibur at all. Beautiful. I bet Hank can relate to those sort of landscapes.

  8. I am so mixed here. I love cities, but in my town I love the quiet and slower pace.

  9. Lovely! I have never been through the Mid-west. I have FLOWN over it but never driven. Someday. I hope. Even more now that I've seen your photos!

  10. I think the rows and rows of vineyards are SO beautiful.
    What can I say -- I love me a straight line. :)

  11. I love love you pictures! I like to have a city within a 20 minute drive, but I'd be okay with living in my wide open space.