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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Costume of the Century


First of all, I am not a fan of Halloween being on a Sunday.  Simply because it feels like we have Halloween for three weeks by the time we're finished with all of the celebrations.  I don't know if I can handle the sugar highs for another minute!

Second of all, I know that all of you have been waiting on pins and needles to see Bria's costume.  The one that took about 16 yards of fabric to make and probably weighs 10 pounds.  Poor girl had to play her violin wearing the thing for the Halloween recital (and might I add that she played splendidly?).  I will say that this costume has already been worn enough to make it very worth the time and effort: Violin recital, school parade, Trick or Treating downtown, Bria's Halloween Birthday Party today, and Trick or Treating at the university dorms.  And it isn't even Halloween yet!!!


You say you want to see the costume?

All righty then....

Here she is, in all of her vampirical splendor.

I made that!

As well as all of her sleeves (and all of her teeth).

Medieval Vampire

Just don't pay too much attention to the fact that it doesn't fit her incredibly well.  I just didn't have the time to make it work just right.  And there's that perfection problem I've been working on and all.  But, still, we love it--imperfections and all.

Vampire Bria

And this is my very favorite picture from Trick or Treating downtown last night.  I just love her tennis shoes peeking out, and her gloves, and the graffiti, and her attitude.


Oh, and the costume, too.  I love that the most.


  1. The first picture of Bria is spectacular--or should I say 'spooctacular'? ha ha. And the sleeves on her dress are absolutely splendid. She will have many memories of this dress and this Halloween. And her talented and wonderful mother! :)

  2. What's up with vampires and this age of girls? We had like 20 of them yesterday?

    BUT, that last picture. It totally says teenager.

    Good luck to you. ;)

    AND, what an AMAZING job you did. I think it looks AMAZING. One more negative comment from you and I will internet-slap you. :) It's amazing, you are amazing, enough said.

  3. Woman, I am in awe. Absolutely, completely, in awe. What a fabulous job you did on that costume.

  4. wow, you have so many talents! and all the best to Bria!

  5. She looks fabulous! (Happy Belated Birthday)

    I love the first one and the downtown pic too!

  6. Wow, you did a great job. Love it!

  7. FantASTIC job! Holy cow you are talented! She looks great!

  8. The costume is so fun!!! I'm a new follower, and I came on the perfect day! Halloween!!!

    Enjoy the festivities!

  9. And you made that? And you are unhappy because it isn't perfect? Did you know you MADE it? Holy smokes, girl, that is amazing! And she is so beautiful! Will you make one for me now?

  10. that is SO totally awesome :) love it, good job!

  11. Wow. Gorgeous (girl and costume)!

  12. She looks like she had that total pensive, thoughtful vampire thing down. LOL

    Nice job.

  13. amazing! can't believe you made that. awesome! love the shoes and the graffiti too!

  14. That is an amazing costume and she looks great in it!

  15. I haven't read blogs for over a week, but I had to get on and see bria's infamous costume...Wow Lara! You sure know how to outdo yourself. It looks fabulous!

  16. Fantastic costume! And I love that graffiti photo. (All I had to do was find some oversized paisley pants at D.I. and sew them into parachute pants for the MC Hammer costume!) I bow to you.

  17. Bria looks like she could be a movie star!

  18. This is why we could never be friends in real life. I don't sew. Like... at all.

    Okay, so we could still be friends, but only if you'd be okay with be being totally jealous. :D

    The costume is fantastic!


  20. That is seriously an awesome costume. Will she wear it throughout November too, just to get good use out of it?