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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Maestro in the Snow

Maestro Outtake

Joel has a concert coming up next weekend and has really needed a new headshot.  Pretty sad that the one he uses is one I took about 6 years ago!  Back when I still used a film SLR.  Definitely time for an update.

But, see, I only take pictures in natural light, and where I live there isn't a lot of that indoors no matter how many windows your house has (and mine has quite a few), so we had to tromp outside in the snow.

I must say, the results are nice...although I did have to do some pretty crazy maneuvers to get them!  (The picture above was taken while I was hanging off the fence with one hand and obviously wasn't the best way to stay in control of the camera!)

So, anyway, here are the rest of our favorites from his headshot shoot (I love to say that) plus a family shoot I did (also in the snow) for some friends.

The Maestro
Kuzmic Family

Happy Sunday!


  1. beautiful pictures!! I love the snow :)

  2. I Love this!!!! he looks fabulous!

  3. Well done - you've got a handsome one there

  4. Love them Lara!!! They look awesome! Can't wait to see you next month! :)

  5. GREAT photo. LOVE!

    My husband is a filmmaker, and he says that you always get the director's point of view from behind the camera in the finished shot -- not just what he SEES, but how he FEELS. That's what I see in this shot. Love. That you adore him.

    And that's why I always have my husband take my headshots too. :)

  6. Those were INCREDIBLE pictures! You took some awesome ones of the maestro!

  7. You are so talented. The pictures are fantastic.

  8. Great photos! And ugh, yeah, natural light. I'm at the same latitude you are, and taking photos at this time of year is just impossible! Between the short-short-short days, and the greyness of winter light in general, it's a tall order. And no snow here to brighten things up.

    So I totally bow down to you and your mad photo skills. Here's to the sun returning!