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Monday, November 22, 2010

Refocus: Being There

My Girl

Have you ever been the worst mom in the world?

I have.

It was last year, right around this time, and Chloe's first grade class had been chosen to do a special Thanksgiving play at the local retirement home.  On top of that, Chloe had been given the role of Jane, who was the lead.  Or as much of a lead role as you can have in that sort of production.  I was so excited to see her in the play.  So excited.

I even told Joel the morning of the play that we would need to go see it at noon.  And then I went grocery shopping and ran a few other errands.

And forgot all about the play.

When Chloe got off of the bus that day, she looked  at me and said, "Mom, you weren't there." And I started bawling, right there in front of the bus driver and everything.  I was inconsolable.  How could I have possibly let stupid errands interfere with seeing my own daughter's shining moment?  Chloe was sad, but when she saw how distraught I was, she started comforting me and said it was fine, even though I knew it totally wasn't.

You just don't miss things like that as a parent.

But guess whose class got chosen to do the same play again this year?  Chloe's.  She didn't get cast as Jane, but she was an adorable little pilgrim girl, and more importantly?  I was there.

I had to rush from a lesson, and so I was a couple minutes late.  I parked my car and I ran all the way through the (very full) parking lot, through the front doors and to the elevator.  And as soon as I walked through the elevator doors into the room where the kids were already singing a little Thanksgiving pre-show, Chloe saw me and her whole face just lit up.

Happy Little Pilgrim GirlWe are the Mamas...

And she sang to me the rest of the time, with a giant perma-grin on her face.  And once again, I cried--but this time it was for the simple joy of being there.

Want to see Chloe playing the role of a pilgrim on video?  I know I'm her mom and all, and I have to say it, but she's a pretty good little actor, and more importantly, she's adorable.  Click here to watch, and don't forget to leave your comment to win a $100.00 Visa gift card from BlogHer.


  1. I'll check my video from last year. Maybe I caught some of Chloe's performance. If I did, I'll try to download it and send it to you.

  2. Glad you made it there this year!!

  3. That brought me to tears. I think we've all had at least one "worst mom in the world" moments. How can we deserve such wonderful, forgiving children? Probably because we have a few "best mom in the world" moments too, I guess.

  4. I think the fact that you care as much as you do means that you are ridiculously fabulous mom. I hope you're having the opportunity to keep performing, too!

  5. You're a great Mom!! :) I cried with you as I read that... I've done stuff like that before... it's amazing to me that while we're trying to teach our children all there is to know, THEY are the ones teaching us... children are so innocent and resilient and forgiving and good. I'm so glad you got to see Chloe's perma-grin :) that is priceless.

  6. One of the first posts I ever wrote involved the very same thing! I think we all get so caught up in the business of everything that we forget to be where we need to be. I am glad you made it this year!! This is the one she will remember the best. And, of course, she is adorable!!

  7. I've missed a few things and thought I would die. My kids have survived though. I'm glad you were able to make it this year. Trauma two years in a row can be bad.
    I was reading your bio this morning and was thinking how sad it is that you still don't live out here. We could really use your talent in our family. My girls need private singing lessons. They attend Tuacahn High School.

  8. I'm so glad you got a second chance to see her in that play. It sounds like it was a very tender moment for you.

  9. Remember how I felt when I was late picking you up at school? I was devastated that I wouldn't remember it was early out day. I was so so sorry to have that that to you. Gosh, we all do this. Don't worry honey, you're a fabulous mom and always will be no matter what mistakes you make.

  10. Seriously, we all have "worst mom" moments. It just happens.
    That chloe is pretty darn adorable.

  11. Yes we all have those Mom moments but it is still hard when it happens and when we think about it again.

    Ok, I love love the dresses. I had to come back and look at them again. So very cute and I love the colors and the style.

  12. Chloe is so sweet and understanding—and that's a good reminder that you really *are* a good Mom! I'm glad you got to catch the performance again.

  13. This whole post is proof that you're not the worse mom, ever. Love shines from every word--and they'll never forget it.

  14. I've done that too- and sometimes for no good reason other than I forgot. Luckily, we get more chances. Whew!