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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Refocus: Eating Right

Bedhead with Shake

Sophia with bedhead and my daily protein shake

I probably don't have to tell any of you that my goal to stay off sugar for all of 2010 was not exactly met.  I did really, really good until Easter and then I had a bit of a setback.  But I recovered!  I did pretty well over the summer, although I wasn't quite as strict and allowed myself to eat birthday cake here and there.  But the stresses of this fall have just completely done me in.  And I gained more pounds back in September and October than I have lost the entire year.


So, I'm back on my diet.  I feel so much better when I'm eating right.  I'm actually on a different diet now, one that's very strict, but easy to stick to because you have all your food all ready to go, and that is what I need.  I guess you could say I'm on Satan's eating plan...choices are just too much for me right now!

Apparently, Sophia has noticed that I don't eat with everyone else anymore, and I have my own special food. She's always asking me about it, and I explain that it's my special diet food (perhaps I shouldn't use that word, but oh well) and that's why I'm eating it.

Well, the other day she caught me in the kitchen with a can of frosting in my hand and a knife in the other.  I was actually making some after school snacks for the girls and about to spread said frosting onto some graham crackers, but Sophia FREAKED out.

"Mommy!  That's not your diet!  You can't eat that because it's not healfy for you!  Don't eat it!!!!"

She would not calm down until I finished making those graham cracker sandwiches, and watched me like a hawk until the frosting was safely put away.

Yeah, so no cheating while that child is around!  Any of you dieters out there just let me know, and I will happily let you borrow her for a while.  I'm sure she'll be especially effective during the holidays!


  1. oh man, that would be tough with your little one on the look out! ha ha ha... I don't eat very good during the holidays... I need to do better. Thanks for the inspiration. Good Luck! :) But I hope you let yourself have at least one little slice of pie.

  2. I need someone to watch over me like that. :)

    p.s. I'd be interested to know what plan you are using.

  3. I could use her the weekend after Thanksgiving. I plan on enjoying my turkey, yams and pie...but after that I want to get back on track and it's always SO hard with leftovers!!

  4. What a good girl you have there! I need that in my life. And good luck with your healthy life choices. I know you can do it! I need to do it as well.

  5. Lara-What is it with you and starting diets around the Holidays? I swear you are the most disciplined person!

    My boys hated it when me & Hank would talk about point values.

  6. I need to start making big money so I can hire someone to cook for my family. The dream situation would be an excellent chef that cooks healthy stuff (that tastes excellent, of course).

  7. Nevermind dieting—can I borrow her to be my deadline monitor? Wow, she could kick my behind back on task in a heartbeat! (And prevent me from eating junk food while she does so.) Go, Sergeant Sophia!

  8. What a little angel. And she's pretty funny, too. =]

  9. My kids are trying to help me too. I also did the 'stress regain' thing the last few months. Ugh.

    On the upside- I got the book! I am almost done reading it and it is every bit as amazing as you said it was! I am really learning a lot. In some ways, I am closer to 'wholehearted living' than I thought (which is good) but other things are still tripping me up. Thank you!

  10. THANK GOODNESS For S. That girl is a lifesaver!

  11. My 12-year old tries to check in with me and my no-sugar thing too. When I make cookies and don't any he asks if it was hard. When I make pie he asks if I can just have a little piece. :)

  12. LOL. Your daughter is so supportive! How cute! :)