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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Don't Forget to Hang Up Your Sock!

Happy Holidays!

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Can I just say that I love having a real fireplace?  We had one in our last house, but it was just a square in the wall with no mantel or anything.  I hung a shelf over it, but it just wasn't the same as having a real bona-fide brick fireplace like I have here.  Love.

I also love my stockings.  They were part of the Pottery Barn Project of 2009 and they make me happy.

But more than looking at them, I love filling them.  I think it's fun to find fun little things to put in them for the kids.  For my girls, it usually includes a lot of lip gloss and lotion and toothbrushes, but they love that, too.  Joel's a bit harder, and I think I spend almost as much on the gifts that go in his stocking as I do on the ones underneath the tree.  But only because he doesn't like lip gloss.  Pity.

Joel already stuck some coupons for free Pop-Tarts inside the girls' stocking, thanks to the hard work that Chloe and I have done with Pop-Tarts this Christmas, and the rest of the loot is hidden away waiting for the children to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

What goes in your stockings?


  1. Your stockings are so pretty. And I love the jeweled initials.

    We always put in things like lotion and new toothbrushes, mouthwash and hairbrushes. Just those little necessities mixed in with some candies and a traditional orange. =D

  2. I LOVE your stockings, and I enjoyed re-browsing your Pottery Barn project! I usually end up with lots of gum, chocolate, and lip stuff (yes, I'm still 9, apparently) in my stocking--oh, and PENS! Oddly enough, these are things I like!

  3. I love your stockings! Ours as so plain. And we just do snacks and treats in them, not many presents.
    My kids still love them though - even as grown ups~!

  4. Yours are so pretty! I bought some handmade ones on Etsy a couple of years ago. I really need a mantle for our fireplace.

  5. Those are beautiful! I love your Christmas look. Having a mantle for Christmas is the best isn't it? I decorate two of mine and I love it!

  6. Your stockings are SO cute.
    What if you have another child? :)

  7. The whole picture looks so Pottery Barn. Love it!

  8. I love my real fireplace too! Although we don't get to hang the stockings by it. It is for warmth in the house and so Christmas decor goes upstairs in the library. That is the only problem with a small house

  9. My friend told me the other day that the stuff in the stockings isn't from Santa in her house. That caught me totally off guard.

    But, back to your question. There's always an orange (or Cutie) in the toe. Then things like toothpaste, chapstick, treats, and nuts. Sometimes a movie or other small gift that will fit inside.

  10. My kids are so little that they love the cheap things I fill their stockings with: coloring pages printed from off the internet, stickers, and candy. Socks, of course, and underwear are always good.

    I like to write my husband a love letter to sneak into his stocking. Then I like watching his face as he reads it Christmas morning.

  11. I love your Christmas stockings, too! I have some fun memories and traditions about Christmas stockings that I may post about someday...
    We always put fruit (something exotic-ish, like a pomegranite or a mango) and marshmallow Santa's (hubby's childhood tradition) and other candies and small personal items like a toothbrush and/or nail clippers, etc, depending on who's it is. The kids all love them.