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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Crib for a Bed

Away in a Manger

The Seventh Day of Christmas

We started a new tradition this year.  Tradition is probably a loose term, because I'm not really sure how well it's working, but we're trying.  I guess starting new traditions is like that, sort of like learning new habits.

Anyway, we have a manger.  And we have "straw."  I couldn't find anything besides these sparkly things to use for straw, so that's what it is this year.  Many of you have probably at least seen this particular idea before, if you don't already do it yourselves.

We've been drawing names every couple of days and the idea is to serve the person we pick out of the hat.  So far, Chloe has probably put the most straw into the manger, as she really gets into things like this.  The rest of us are doing our best.

But, nevertheless, it's a wonderful reminder that to serve each other is to serve Christ.  And what better way to celebrate Christ's birth than to serve Him?

What traditions do you have that help you remember the Savior?


  1. We also had a manger with straw when the boys were little. When they did some act of service or kindness for someone else in the family, the could add a piece of straw to the manager, and the Christmas morning the baby Jesus was there and hopefully enough straw to make a comfortable bed.

    I miss things like that with them all grown up now.

  2. Sometimes I feel blue that I don't do more "spiritual" stuff at Christmastime. We have done the straw thing but it just made my kids paranoid and anxious (they tend towards it anyway). This year I just keep reminding myself that ALL OF IT is a reminder of the Savior. The tree, the gifts, the angel at the top, the celebrations, the music, the decorating, it's all about it being His day and making it holy by setting it apart from other days. Spending a month getting ready for it doesn't seem at all out of line when you look at it that way.

  3. My kids love the straw tradition. When I was in the primary years ago we made mangers for all of the kids and I read the story about the family that learned how to serve Christ with the manger. Great idea. HOpe you are enjoying this wonderful season.

  4. Sparkly straw is the best kind. Doesn't the Savior deserve a little bling? ;)

    What good kids you have. And beautiful traditions, too.

  5. What a good idea. Something I'll try and remember for my future family :)

  6. That's a tradition we'd love to start and we plan on finding a manger to fill next year. I think raffia will make pretty good straw. Then on Christmas morning we will find the baby in the manger we filled. Somehow I need to make Christmas day itself more Christ centered, and I think this is a way we will do it.

  7. Love your manger bed. It is beautiful. Remind them that even when they say kind things to others and do small acts of service (clear the table or pick up a toy without being asked) the can put straw in for those things. I have also found that it helps to ask them throughout the day if they have done anything to add straw to the manger bed. That way, they remember the small simple acts of kindness.

  8. Yes, there's an article in The Friend this month about a little boy filling an empty manger with straw pieces. I've heard of the tradition before and love it.

    We are carrying on with our Secret Santa tradition, giving to others and thinking of the gifts Christ has given to us.

    Merry Christmas, Lara!

  9. My kids love doing this too... I don't think our beds are made more during the year than during the month of December :)