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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Think I Can
(Survive the Winter)

The Little Engine that Could

The Little Engine That Could was Joel's favorite this year. Or, if it wasn't his favorite, he really talked it up and liked it a lot.

(Am I boring you yet?)

The Little Engine that CouldThe Little Engine that CouldThe Little Engine that CouldThe Little Engine that CouldThe Little Engine that Could
To give you an idea of scale, the snow conductor of the train is taller than me.  I could have easily walked under the tunnel and the actual Little Engine was maybe 12 feet tall.  These kids do some amazing work.

Tomorrow and Friday I will put up the rest of my Winter Carnival pictures.  Then (maybe) on to regular posting.  My life is so full right now.  I'm basically just white-knuckling it until April.  Things have been so insane that I've even cancelled most of my lessons this week, just to regain some balance in my life.  I wasn't feeling super well, but I probably wasn't so sick I couldn't teach and that always makes me feel a little guilty when I cancel anyway. Sigh.  I have appreciated the mental health days, though, and I have almost caught up with my laundry.  At least, my laundry room doesn't look like a hurricane went through the clothing section of a department store anymore!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is insane! Wow. I mean really, Color me impressed!

    I hope the rest of the winter is good to you. And that you have more time to just relax.

  2. The snow made train tracks are awesome.

    And just remember, unless your family is all standing in your living room naked, you won't ever actually be completely caught up on the laundry. Sad, isn't it?

    (Love your header, by the way... such lovely, lovely daughters you have!)

  3. This is all so amazing. Lara, can I just tell you my husband and kids have LOVED these posts :) Thank you! (and me too, but I always love your posts)

  4. I think the little engine is my favorite too! I'm loving all the snow pictures.

  5. Lara, I just FEEL your exhaustion through the computer screen. You are remarkable. I hope you can find moments of relaxation in the middle of all your craziness.

  6. that place is for sure amazing! wow! looks cold thou :)) [but who I am to talk about cold? in Austria right now is freezing cold, wind is like a knife. in RO I was told they have again heavy snowfalls...]

  7. Those are awesome!

    Almost enough to make me wish for snow. Maybe I should go look at some beach sand creations before I go over to the dark (or is it cold?) side.

  8. So amazing! WOW - I am always blown away by other people's talents

  9. Do they use ladders?
    Good for you for canceling!
    Everything's fine....

  10. I'm sorry, but I giggled at your "Am I boring you yet?" You're cute.

    Good luck making it through the winter!! I think you can, I think you can!!

  11. Beautiful amazing winter carnival pics, look forward to them here on your blog every year...

  12. No, of course we aren't bored. Delighted is a better word.