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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Big Five
(Warning: Picture Overload!)

Sophia is 5
Well people.  This is it.

Sophia turned FIVE today.  It's killing me. 

I mean, remember when she was born?

That adorable little baby grew up to be such an adorable little girl chock full of personality.  Of course, it's no surprise--she was full of personality from day one.
Sophie pumpkin IMG_4666_edited 1 webEyes like sapphires18 months old!Oatmeal Head: 9/365New ShoesAlmost two and so beautifulBaby BluesCan't take anymore.The most adorable Cowardly Lion ever!Blooming RoseSophie and the purple bandaid web copyLittle Miss Pumpkin FaceIMG_4133 Sophia Halloween webChristmas BeautiesKissingSand Castle BeginningsMischievous PrincessWhat Four Looks LikePreschoolerI'm a Cute Little GirlCuteriffic!Million Dollar Smile

But, why on earth does it have to happen so dang fast? Sigh.  She totally just grew up before my very eyes.

Sophia, you are so full of life and love and craziness. You give me a run for my money every single day. You have brought me such joy every single day. I am so glad you are mine, because I can't even imagine life without you.

I hope you have the best day ever today! You've been looking forward to it for a very long time: A Fancy Nancy (of course) Birthday Party with all your friends from preschool that you haven't seen since May.  Presents.  Blowing out candles.  Mississippi Mud Pie and Chicken Broccoli Casserole for dinner.  And a day all about you.

Happy Birthday, Hungry Chipmunk!

Love, Mommy


  1. NOT a picture overload! What a great way to capture her. You really CAN see her personality so well in the photos. Such a fun, cute little five year old. :)

  2. I remember when you all came up from Cedar for a visit shortly after you moved there, and you handed this little bundle to me, and she opened her eyes and looked at her Mamah, and I said, Lara, she's going to have blue eyes! She was a standout from the beginning! And remember the first two weeks of her life, as we moved you, she watched the whole series of 24 with us! LOL! She holds a special place in my heart, and Granpa's heart too!! Happy birthday dear little one! What a wonderful age to be!

  3. Crazy, huh!? Just wait till she's 15, which is what my daughter is turning this week. Talk about growing up before your eyes!

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Gabe was talking about Sophie last night and how they danced at Aly's wedding for hours. So cute. And Mom & I were talking about her Birthday coming up really soon...I love her Birthday dinner! Good choice!

  5. I am nuts for cute 5-year old girls loaded with personality. She is awesome, and your photos make me feel like I know her so well. :)

  6. You have some fabulous pictures!

    So well said that she grew up right before your eyes. That is exactly what it is like with kids. Even though the days can be very long it still seems like a video camera on fast forward. Next time you blink she'll be 13!!!!

  7. Amazing! Great pictures, beautiful cutie pie of a girl. Her liveliness and spunky personality radiate from every picture. Happy birthday, Sophia!

  8. Happy Birthday Sophia! I do remember that you moved to Cedar City when she was a brand new baby! I can't believe that was 5 years ago!

  9. Psha yo the picture overload. When my quirky children pose for pictures as cutely as that, I will plaster them all over the place. I love the photo with the glasses. And she really is full of spunk. I hope her special day was magical (as I am sure you tried your best to make it so.)

  10. Happy Birthday to sweet little Sophia!!! She is just as cute as can possibly be. Nate and I couldn't believe she was turning five, because I met Sophia when she had just shortly turned TWO! Time flies!

  11. I probably shouldn't say I have favorites but I really do look forward to posts about this little cutie. She always makes me laugh, smile, or giggle.

  12. I can't believe she's already five! How exciting to be starting school soon.

    That one with the head full of oatmeal is sooo gross. And sad. And sweet. And dirty. And cute. :)

  13. Such a sweet, beautiful little love. Happy, happy belated birthday to your precious Little.