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Friday, July 29, 2011



These are the daylilies that are in my backyard. I never noticed them before (possibly because we never actually ventured into the backyard last year?).

I love all lilies, so I really love these.  They seem to be all over the place in Michigan, so I shouldn't have been too shocked to find a bunch of them in my own yard.

And, after the first bloom this year it dawned on me why they are called daylilies.  Luckily, there are always new blooms, so it doesn't feel like they only last a day!  It's fun for the girls to see how many are there each morning, and they start my day with just the right dose of beauty.

What beautiful things are you enjoying?


  1. So pretty! What a great find! So glad you're finding so many pleasant surprises about using your backyard!

  2. I'm loving (and treating them like newborns) our 3 new trees that we planted in our backyard. They make such a difference already.

  3. I love lilies. I need to plant some. They make me so happy.

    Our sunflowers just started blooming and I love looking at them. They are so incredibly tall and resilient. You would be amazed.

  4. These lilies are just beautiful. My favorite thing right now is taking Kaitlyn outside and watching her marvel at all of the little things - grass, dirt, playing in little puddles of water.

  5. I am crazy for lilies too. I carried calla lilies in my wedding.

  6. Lillies make me happy. And those are beautiful! Right now, the rain is making me happy. Ah, the storms of summer.

  7. ... my daughter's excitement at making a new friend
    ... the peacefulness of a hot air balloon ride
    ... my new silver, multi-strand necklace

    to name a few.

  8. Those are gorgeous! I hope your vacation was fabulous. We need to make plans for Friday. Can't wait to see you and Bria!!