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Friday, July 08, 2011


Today I was featured at Stephanie's blog: Diapers and Divinity (which is one of those blogs you really must not miss...so if you don't read it, I recommend that you start).

Many thanks to Stephanie for doing this Find-a-Friend Friday Feature.  I have loved getting to know other bloggers through her, and it was really fun to answer her interview questions...and it actually got my wheels turning about some things that will probably pop up here sooner or later.

Click here to read my interview.


  1. And it was so good to read about you there!! Since I follow you, I knew some of the things about you, but not nearly as much as you shared. It is nice to get t know you a little better!

  2. i'M TOTALLY on board with your final meal...pumpkin pie...and fett alfredo...all. the. way! Good to know ya! - Jocelyn

  3. I'm so glad you the the Friday Friend. I loved getting to know you better.

  4. That was so fun to read, Lara. Read my comment on Stephanie's blog...

  5. WA-HOO!!! I loved seeing your interview on D&D. :) I felt cool because I already "know" you.... ha ha ha

  6. Awww, I just read your Find A Friend on Stephanie's blog, and it was great. I knew most of the stuff about you already, but thanks for writing it all down and sharing with us!