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Friday, September 16, 2011

Celebration of the Family

I was very honored when Cocoa from Chocolate on my Cranium contacted me and asked if I would write something for her Celebration of the Family this year. I remembered the Celebration from last year, and I thought it was wonderful. The Family: A Proclamation to the World is such a wonderful and inspired document, and it always serves as a wonderful reminder to me every time I read it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the document, it can be read here.

Cocoa and three other bloggers (Welcome to the Madness, We Talk of Chirst, and The Redheaded Hostess) have all done some very amazing things on their blogs this year regarding the Proclamation. Take some time to hop around and read some very inspiring words.

I was asked to write on a specific paragraph in the Proclamation, and it just so happened to be that it's one that I've been thinking a lot about in the last few months as I've worked on my Project Walking Into a Hug. You can read my post on the sacred duty of mothers (and fathers)(but mostly mothers, 'cause that's what I am) today at Chocolate on my Cranium. Click here to read.

And I promise that next week I'll have a Walking into a Hug post up. With school starting and the insane scheduling shifts, I've barely had time to sit down. Which is kind of sad, because I haven't been able to really get into the whole family celebration this year. But I have looked around for a while this morning (Fridays are totally free, although I probably should be grocery shopping) and I am loving everything that I read.

So, what are you waiting for? Go celebrate the family!


  1. I absolutely LOVED your post -- Fabulous!

  2. Are you telling me that even when P is in K I'm still not going to be eating bonbons?

  3. Wow Lara, that is a really great post. Good Job!

  4. It was a terrific post that resonated with a lot of women. Thanks so much for guest posting for me!

  5. I love this topic. Great job!