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Friday, November 04, 2011


Do any of you have a child like this?

Chloe's emotions can change in a millisecond. And she's not one to really hide how she's feeling, either. You know if she's euphoric, or if she's in the depths of despair. I think she would have gotten along quite well with Anne Shirley, truth be known.

The above picture was taken this past spring, and I've been meaning to post this for months (along with hundreds of other photos and thoughts...). The next picture was taken in the same minute, according to my camera. It doesn't have a time stamp that includes seconds, so I couldn't tell you precisely how far apart they were taken, but trust me when I say that there are probably fewer than 10 seconds between that photo and the one below:
Want to know why she was upset?

Because I took her picture while she was telling me something important. I probably shouldn't do that, I know. I was just thinking how cute and adorable she is, so I snapped a photo.

Wrong thing to do.

Surprisingly, she doesn't deal well with any sort of discipline or criticism, either. It really is a totally different game dealing with her than it is my other two.

So, I'll ask again: Do any of you have a child like this? Because sometimes I have absolutely no idea what to do with her. But then she'll have one of her joyous moments, and that's when I remember how glad I am to have her.


  1. Yup.. Jonathan does it. I get soooooo frustrated. I thought ( and drs thought) it's from his medicine but maybe not? Good luck and let me know if u find something that works :)

  2. Um, yes. I do have one of those and she definitely feels like Anne Shirley has always been a kindred spirit. She is all grown up now, but oh. . . the stories I could tell. :)

  3. Chloe is #2,right? my #2 is exactly the same way. "Passionate," is what I like to call it.

  4. Dear Lara,

    She is different because she is an artist. She is different because she is the middle child and wants your full attention. She is different because she sees things deeper and feels them stronger than others. She is different because she IS Anne Shirley. She is different because she can look at things from every angle. She wants to be validated, appreciated, and heard. She is different, but what a joyous difference. I was just like Chloe, and still am in many ways. I can be a handful, but in the end who wants to live life without those who cause us to look deeper, think harder, who challenge us, inspire us, and more. You are a lucky Mom. You could have a child who just sits around eating crackers and watching T.V. not wanting to see the beauty in the world.

  5. Agree with Hansonpatch - it is because she is special and feels more and stronger. It may be a difficult way to live life because it means feelings the depths as well as the highs very strongly but the joy and euphoria will be worth having the difficult moments for.

  6. We always called my oldest son the daughter we never had because he was pretty emo. :) She is still adorable, even in the crying photo.

  7. Yes. I most definitely have a child (or two or three) who are like this. I'm also kind of at a loss....the only thing I'm concentrating on thus far, with regard to this particular struggle? Keeping calm myself....

  8. Your Chloe and my Clark would get along smashingly. Or kill each other. It's hard to tell.

  9. These pictures are perfect! Those are the things I love so much about that little girl. She reminds me SO much of myself! Maybe that's why she's so special to me. I think I get her a little. I hated it when I'd be telling my mom something super important and she would do something harmless like tuck my hair and I would LOSE it! We just want you to hear ALL of our totally relevant stories all the time with all of your attention!
    I seriously adore this little girl. I miss you guys so much!
    Give her a tight hug for me?

  10. It's looking like Kaitlyn will be emotional like this. Her laughter is infectious and frequent. Her tantrums are becoming more frequent. What am I in for? :)

  11. My oldest son is like this. And he wears his emotions on his sleeve. You would think that during boot camp he would have lost that, but not completely. As a child, it was absolute hell. No lie, I felt like we were walking on eggshells his whole life and it was hard.
    Now as an adult - it is the BEST!!! He can't hide his real feelings and that helps me now as a mom in a periphery role

  12. Yep, my Jacob. Read How to Raise Your Spirited Child. And if she isn't spirited it is a fun read that helps with all of our spirited actions! :)
    Cute Girl!