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Monday, March 19, 2012

Everybody Loves Mamah--Mamah's Easy to Love!

My mom was here last week for her annual March visit for Chloe's birthday, which was this past Sunday. (Ack!!! I am just now realizing I didn't do a birthday post!)

We just love it when she comes because she always brings the sunshine with her.   And this time she literally did!

On Monday when she arrived there was still a ton of snow everywhere, but thanks to a few 80 degree days this week (yes, you read that right), we have almost none.  So, we went out to Lake Superior on Saturday to take a few pictures.  There are only a few signs there that it is still supposed to be winter, like the little bit of ice that is left on shore.  And I am not complaining!

PS  Even the puppy loves Mamah.  I'm afraid she wonders where she went!


  1. The only good thing about being away from family is when they come visit and you get to host!,,

  2. Seriously great Wellies your girls have on. :)

  3. I honestly cannot believe how grown up your girls are getting! And I am so jealous about the 80* weather. What fun it was to have your mother come visit, though.

  4. I love it when everything comes together for a great visit! The pup is adorable!!!!

  5. Your mom is gorgeous.

    And it's amazing that your kids were SINKING in the snow only a while back and in that picture, there's grass!