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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Rise and Shout!

  • Sophia traded in her air cast for a real hot pink one (just in time for school to start).
  • Everyone started school but me--but I have to start teaching on Tuesday (whether or not I'm actually ready is debatable).
  • I may or may not have had a couple lazy mornings reading in bed with Puccini while the girls were at school (but I still accomplished way more than I would have if the children were home).
  • Chloe stepped into a yellow jacket swarm and was stung several times and screamed pretty darn loud (she's fine).
  • The City Construction Project on our street has rendered us unable to park in our own driveway (reminder:  I live on a hill and have a child on crutches).
  • Joel was called a "weird-looking Afro guy" from the pulpit at church (this is not entirely untrue, and was perhaps meant as a compliment)(besides, don't all orchestra conductors have Afros?).
  • The first week of school has resulted in more than a few tantrums thrown by very tired children (next week will be better).
  • I actually cooked most of the meals this week (and they were big hits with The Maestro and the girls).
  • I still had a number of cooking mishaps, though (cauliflower soup all over the kitchen walls, floors, cupboards, and salad, anyone?).
  • For date night, Joel and I enjoyed watching The Cougars trounce Texas in pretty much the best BYU Football game ever (school records were broken).
  • Puccini did not get a haircut (and probably won't for another couple weeks...sigh).
IMG_6917 Pucci web

Here's to another exciting week!

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