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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Tree

We like to make a Thanksgiving tree every year.  I love putting it up and leaving the tags out with some markers so the girls (and Joel and I) can write down things we are grateful for on a daily basis during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love seeing how the things they write change over the years.  For instance, the first thing Bria wrote down this year was "my clothes" and the second was "my hair."  She's definitely a teenager now!

We also invite guests who visit our house to add to our tree if they would like.  I leave a bucket full of tags and some markers next to the tree, which sits in our front porch/mudroom area.

Thanksgiving Tree Tags Photo web

This is the first year I've actually made tags that are more than just circles punched out of cardstock, and I'd love to share them with you to use for your own Thanksgiving trees.

To download the Thanksgiving Tree Tags:

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I just printed mine out onto white cardstock, cut them out (well, I made the girls help with that), punched holes, and then used some string to make the hangers.  Bria, Sophia, and I had a nice Saturday morning activity together working on the tree.  Sophia was very helpful in gathering the sticks outside while Bria helped me cut, punch, and tie all of the tags.  Chloe would have been all over this project, but she's on a weekend trip with her Girl Scout Troop.

Thanksgiving Tree Tag web

Today I'm grateful for my children, for music and the chance to share it with others, and sunshine.  Sophia is thankful for her "hole family" and "evrithing."

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving Tree Tags__Free Thanksgiving Printable

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  1. Love the idea and thank you for sharing! We have so much to be grateful for..