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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Today at Our House

I'm starting to think that maybe right after church is NOT the best time to do our weekly photo (of course, right before church would be even worse...).

Sophia has sat still for too long and is usually too crazy and wiggly to get a good photo.
(What you don't see in the photo:  She has pulled up ten baby trees around her, has jumped on and off the ledge they are standing on, and is annoyed that I would dare ask her to stand still for one second!)

Bria has worn a dress for too long and is antsy to get into her sweats.
(What you don't see in the photo:  She ordered me to get my camera before she'd get out of the car and is constantly telling her sisters to "just smile so I can go get out of my dress!  I don't want to wear this dress anymore!")

Chloe has had to get up too early and is ready to not be around people anymore.
(She was cooperative today--perhaps it was the extra hour of sleep she got due to DST.)

As I type this, I'm starting to fear the ceiling is going to cave in above me because Sophia is bouncing off of the walls upstairs.  Bria is yelling at her to "Stop it Sophia!  I'm trying to read!" and Chloe is hiding somewhere doing an art project, no doubt.
Bria and Pucci

And Puccini is barking at me to play ball with her since she has been cooped up in her kennel for nearly four hours while we were at church.

Ah, life.

It never changes.

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  1. you guys!...that's it.

  2. I hear you. Kids and photoshoots don't go along that well much of the time. My kids just won't sit still for a few seconds for a good shot. Most of their photos are either stolen or blurry LOL
    Great photos by the way, you would not think that there was "chaos" before and after they were taken. :D

  3. Your daughters are beautiful!!! And I love the dog's name. Despite the challenge, I think the picture turned out lovely.