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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Frozen Lion King

The second place statue for fraternities had a Lion King theme. And don't let the blue sky fool you--it was almost 30 degrees below zero and I froze my butt off getting these photos. The blue sky is sure beautiful though!

They did a lot more with ice this year due to the inhumanly cold temperatures. This statue did a lot of ice shapes--not really 3D, but cool nonetheless.

IMG_7555Winter Carnival webIMG_7553 Winter carnival webIMG_7552 Winter Carnival webIMG_7549 winter carnival webIMG_7547 Winter Carnival webIMG_7545 winter carnival webIMG_7544 winter carnival webIMG_7543 winter carnival webIMG_7542 winter carnival webIMG_7541 winter carnival web

Unfortunately, I did not catch a photo of the whole thing. That would have involved crossing the street, and by the time I had shot all of the above photos, I could no longer feel my face.

But at least the sun was shining!

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